Best Knives For Cutting Raw Meat

10 Best Chef Knives For Cutting Raw Meat in 2021

In the cooking profession, a chef is always known for his stock processes and his cutlery. So there exists a special bond between a chef and his stuff. The process starts with the chopping to the breaking down of ingredients into a fancy way.

A well-made, sturdy, and the best knife to cut meat, glides through it with a smooth touch. It has a perfectly balanced weight upon both ends, from the blade to the handle. The knives have to be sharp enough to chop-chop the meat, which lessens the friction between the blade and the raw meat.

It takes a professional to have perfect insight into the best knife’s specifications for cutting meat, whether it is raw. With the uniform cuts, having a comfortable grip on the handle can bring immense pleasure to the chef with the perfectly chopped and sliced meat’s outlook.

These successful tasks are accomplished only by treating oneself with the best knife for slicing raw meat a chef knife. Don’t miss out on the perfectly made smooth-edged knives just because you didn’t have that much knowledge about them. You can get an idea of which knife is perfect for you by just getting along with this information.

Best Knives For Cutting Raw Meat

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox 6` Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox 6` Knife

An economical and straight but flexible blade knife is perfect for your household. It has a curvy blade with various choices, from the stiffed blade to the flexible one. This knife is made for the ease of chopping meat nicely.


It is a multipurpose knife for the meat’s deboning; for example, you can chop off the meat and delicate deboning of fishes or the poultry stack. A perfectly well-balanced knife with a firm grip even with wet hands.

The meat can be pierced smoothly using its curved edged flexible blades with a high level of accuracy. Its blade is made of stainless steel with a dimension of almost 6` inches long blade.

The gripping thermoplastic elastomer material used in crafting the handle stiffs firmly in the hand of the user.


  • It can be used for slicing as well as pre boning of meat.
  • Takes out the fat from the meat with high accuracy.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Highly recommended and satisfactory feedback product.


  • You might need to sharpen the blade after a couple of uses.

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis 10` Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 10` Knife

A multipurpose chef’s knife, made by the Mercer Culinary with a carbon steel 10` inches of its blade dimension. A must-have knife for the chefs forged from the stain-resistant steel with the perfectly balanced handle.


A long-lasting sharpened blade, comfortable and durable best knife for slicing meat.Its blade is forged with no stain, high carbon quality material, polished by hands providing you with the perfect knife for professional or for any household.

Its tapered edges are perfect for slicing out the hams, turkeys, and roasted meats. The stain-resistant bezel lining along the corrosion-free carbon blade comes with a full tang body.


  • A lightweight article with just 8.3 oz. Perfect for kitchen use.
  • No need to hone it after every use.
  • Replacing the need for a cleaver.
  • The bolster is slightly above the cutting edge giving you full access to the cutting board.


  • Due to its sharp edges, it is a bit difficult for beginners to avoid cuts.
  • A bit pricey, but it’s worth the features.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army 47645, 12` knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 47645, 12` knife

A high carbon steel best knife for cutting raw meatby the top-rated Victorinox brand. A multipurpose knife, which has been crafted with the Granton Blade, can reduce friction in a fancy way with a cutting-edge quality blade.


Featuring an ergonomic non-slip handle comes with a range of other features as well. Its blade is made with 12` inches length, with the blazer 5.4 inches handle perfectly balanced grip and easy handling.


  • Need no sharpening for a longer period.
  • Perfectly designed to reduce wrists fatigue.
  • Multi-function knife with overall balance evenly.
  • Prevents food from sticking on to the blade.
  • Its long blade helps in slicing the heavy stack.


  • Cannot wash in dishwasher.
  • Preferably comes with a thin blade.

4. TUO Vegetable Cleaver 7 inch` Phoenix Series

TUO Vegetable Cleaver 7 inch` Phoenix Series

At the slashed rate, TUO comes up with a variety of features. Its fiery color with stainless steel, made from high Carbon, award yourself with the world’s best knife for cutting raw meat.

A curvy 7 inches chopper blade, a must-have for chopping, mincing of the food material. Its exceptional comfort comes with great maneuverability ensuring the chefs and the users with the stability and high level of durability of frictionless shopping.


Coming up with a stunning razor-edge cutting technology blade with the feel of premium. Giving you a head start with a tampering feature of High-Tech Vacuum Heat Treatment. A hard blade up to the HRC56±2.

A waterproof Pakkawood material without the warping giving the luxurious vibe out of the knife.


  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Perfectly maintained and sustained bolster balance giving you ease with the grip.
  • A go-to knife for every household.
  • Economical and cheap, but with greater use.


  • Due to the Flexible blade tip, it is not guaranteed in the longer run.

5. Mercer Culinary Renaissance 11` Knife

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 11` Knife

Bringing forward the luxurious item of all times. Triple-riveted ergonomically designed knife forged roundly for the comfortable grip. It has a short bolster allowing you to sharpen the blade. Germanic cutlery stainless steel is perfectly capable of resisting rust, discoloration, and corrosion as well.


Many customers, especially our chefs, love the unique knife, which gives them long-lasting pleasure. From becoming a kitchen cook gift to a pro chef’s test for cutting, it does all without breaking a sweat.

The high-quality build and low-price together seem like a great value product. Awarded for its simplicity, yet performing great difficult tasks easily. Such a professional-looking style is what sets it apart from others. Surprising its users with great power, sharpness, and stability.

A traditional look rounding the spine on the chef knives comes with durability and exceptionally good quality.


  • Beautifully clustered with the perfect balance.
  • Handles amazing in everyone’s hands easily.


  • The tip of the blade dulls over time, so sharpening is needed.
  • The blade is known to be thin and become curved over time.

6. DALSTRONG – Gladiator Series 6` Knife

DALSTRONG - Gladiator Series 6` Knife

A chef’s favorite knife is a go-to item for every chopping. Exceptionally outstanding quality of the sharp-edged knife suitable and the best knife for cutting raw chicken and the meat with cutting-edge technology.


A stunningly designed knife at the premium level, with an incredibly sharp razor, ensures pre-boning, preparing, skinning, and trimming your all-time favorite meat. It comes with efficiency and with satisfactory specifications.

A chef’s best knife comes in handy whenever the need to be. Your hand will not be getting tired anytime soon because it is so comfortable while using. Military-grade G-10 handle that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A must-have, just don’t let this one pass by, as you will enjoy this knife with full immersion.


  • Extremely sharp with good balance and highly rated article.
  • Perfectly designed for the narrow cuttings between soft edges.


  • Sharpening of the blade is required, comes with less cutting edge curve on the blade.
  • The curve prevents the blade from sharpening as it will ruin the quality.

7. Zeolite Infinity Boning 6` Knife

Zeolite Infinity Boning 6` Knife

A top-rated article forged with high-quality Carbon stainless steel that takes your shopping to the next level. Known as the best knives for cutting meat.A versatile ergonomic design, which is great for delicate work, including processing off of the bone.


It provides you with the hollow-ground for the buttery and the smooth chopping and mincing of the meat. The top-quality high carbon blade gives it the best weight balance.

Its steel is made to last much longer with the 67 layers of high carbon steel. It gives you the different qualitative specifications for edge retention, rust resistance, with a Pro chef vibe to minimize the workload by reducing the time in half.

Its stunning triple-riveted handle distinguishes its features from the others as it gives the knife and your extra wrist strength.


  • Effortless slicing gives you the immense pleasure of limiting the extra strength.
  • It has an incredible 12-degree pro-razor-sharp blade.
  • Can cut extremely thin slices due to groove finishing on the blade.


  • It would be best if you sharpened the blade after a couple of uses.
  • Does not prevent the food from sticking onto the blade.

8. Mac Mighty Professional Hollow Edge 8` Knife

Mac Mighty Professional Hollow Edge 8` Knife

Many dreams of having an effortless and long-lasting sharp-edged knife to bring our mincing to the next level. Providing you with a top-rated product that is inclusive of such capabilities.


It has a sharp 2mm blade which is perfect for handling small meat pieces. It is best for the vegetables’ squashing as it has dimples on its sharp edge, which grinds the food.

The dimension of this knife is about 12.63 inches. It has been made from the Pakkawood material and suitable only if it is washed with the hands. A complete overhaul of design from the last model allowed the handle to embrace a relaxed and comfortable grip.


  • The thin bolts allow you to cut according to your style and perfectly.
  • Helps in squashing the veggies with no or minimal effort.
  • Outstanding packaging style.


  • The shorthand handle and blade are not suitable for everyone.
  • It does not prevent the food from sticking on the blade.

9. 14-inch Blade Granton Edge Knife

14-inch Blade Granton Edge Knife

Slicing through food with ease is the motto of Granton Edge knife. Makes kitchen work so easier with this 8-inch chopper and slicer. A high carbon stainless steel blade, with the conical ground which is rust and stain free.


The ergonomic design principle having a strong fixed grip on the handle is included with the knife. It is perfect for multiple usages. Its straight and long blade helps in the maximized cutting edge, which prevents the food from sticking on its blade.

Its blade is beautifully made and stamped with cold-rolled steel. Its bolster less edge is sharp and perfect for the use of an entire blade. From reasonable pricing to fully tang designing, it is a bang for your buck.


  • Its handle is of very good quality, well-balanced with the blade.
  • Sharp edges glide through meat and veggies alike.
  • Slices through the meat with a single and with an effortless stroke.
  • It is made ice-tampered for a longer period to stay sharp.


  • Sharpness fades overtime.
  • Squashed material gets stuck to the dimples of its blade.

10. Chef Knife, 8` Professional German High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Knife

Chef Knife, 8` Professional German High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Knife

Finally, a highly praised, high-quality chef knife who’s an all-rounder for chopping, slicing, dice various fruits, for the mincing of meat as a challenging article, among others.


The sharp, edgy blade gives the outlook of enhanced specifications beautifully designed as the hard material. It is made from Germanic hard steel, which prevents corrosion and rusting.

It is chilled with nitrogen which gives it an extra hard texture suitable for everyday use. Its blade is seamless to heat, cold, and moisture. It is ergonomically hand-controlled with superb quality. Its fancy chopping is the award-winning feature among all other knives.


  • The high polymer material is used.
  • The beautiful aesthetic design and its lightweight makes it the best choice for all.
  • Easily dish-washed, and the residue does not stick for long and comes off easily.


  • Not suitable for beginners as it has a sharp blade that can cut through the skin easily.

What to Look For Before Buying a Knife For Cutting Raw Meat?

Before buying the knife suitable for cutting raw meat,one must completely set his/her goals as to what they want from their knives.

Going to a store without knowing what you need will become a mind-boggling experience for you. It would help if you were extra careful before getting your perfect knife. Not a common knife can cut through any stack. Each is specified to its purpose.

Look out for the budget you are going to have for your required knife. Try to get a feel from the knife which you have eyes on.

After picking it up, look out for the handles and the blades; if they are perfectly balanced and feel a sharp toned edge, with high carbon stainless steel, if you feel like this is the perfect one for your cooking style, get it right that instant.

Check the bolsters. If they are strong enough, with a thickness, they are perfect for handling the knife when you are chopping the meat.


1. What knife should I use to cut raw meat?

There are a variety of knives that you can use to cut raw meat. One of the award-winning pre-boning of meat is the Zelite Infinity Boning Knife 6 Inch.

It has 12-15 degree edge sharpness with a strong bolster control allowing you to mince through any raw meat. You can also choose any knife with a strong bolster handle and sharp-edged but thick blade from knives, as mentioned earlier.

2. Are Santoku knives good for cutting meat?

Yes, Santoku knives are great when it comes to chopping off the meat. It has a sharp blade and well-balanced bolster with the handle. Its taper-ground edge allows you to cut through the fat of meat very smoothly.

3. Is a utility knife good for cutting raw meat?

They can cut the meat as their blades are razor-sharp, which glides through the meat neatly and swiftly with a clean cut.

But the mercer knives do not stay for much longer, and they become curved over the period as their blades are thin, which won’t allow them to stay put for a longer span.

4. Which knife would let you cut up a 10-pound piece of raw meat easily?

Mercer Culinary Genesis 10` inches knife is suitable to cut 10 pounds of raw meat. It is specifically designed to glides through the turkeys and large roasts. A wide blade with sharp edges can cut through the large raw meat easily.

It has a strong bolster which minimizes the effort to cut through the meat easily.

5. Which knife is best suitable to cut rib bone pork?

Dalstrong Gladiator Series can be much helpful in slicing rib bone pork. They are specifically made to cut through the narrow spaces between bones because of their tapered and narrow blades.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole effort of jumping in, why would someone want to know about the Professional knives?To save some time and effort while cooking for a large family, or to get your wife a gift, or someone who’s professionally a chef and loves to have a collection of cutlery in his/her kitchen.

This could all become possible if you have a better understanding of the things to buy. Every knife has its properties and its durability, for which it can ease one’s life.

Butchering raw meat has always been a difficult task. Chefs working day and night in the kitchen have been spending so much time doing effortful work with knives all day long.

To ease their suffering, these knives are perfectly designed for their convenience so they could enjoy some time by spending it with their families or with themselves.

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