Best Chef Knives under $100

Best Chef Knives under $100

All around the world, professional chefs carry their signature knives with them wherever they go. This special bond between a chef and their knives is what makes our food special, from cutting seamlessly to chopping faster than eyes could comprehend.

This is why the chef’s knife is a must-have for anybody who wants to join. But due to their extreme prices, many people are discouraged from getting one. Thus, missing out on a world-class chop experience. It goes without saying “it takes one to know one,” meaning it takes a chef’s knife to become a chef.

Such tasks are accomplished only by treating yourself with a chef knife. Whether you are a home cook or a beginner in a restaurant, a chef’s knife is necessary. So that you don’t miss out by staying under the budget, we have brought you a list of best chef knives under $100.

Best Chef Knives under 100

1. Imarku 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

Imarku 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

A high-carbon stainless steel blade with a relaxed handle knife. The blade is highly functional which does not let go of your hand. Having carbon infusion makes it twice stronger than other knives in its ranks. Hoarding a razor-sharp blade makes everything feel like cutting through paper.


It is a multi-purpose knife used by home cooks and chefs worldwide. Having a pakkawood infused handle provides the user with power, ease, and firmness at the same time. The 8-inch carbon stainless steel blade holds the power of slicing through meat or harsh items with no-pressure needed due to its 2.3mm thickness.


  • Smooth handling and nearly-perfect weight balance.
  • Long-lasting sharpness with minimal effort due to blade thickness.
  • Premium-class blade with a sturdy grip that will last years and not lose handle.


  • Not suitable and meant for use on frozen or solid items like meat bones.

2. Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Pro Chef Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Pro Chef Knife

 A multi-purpose chef’s knife, made by the best in Switzerland, for the best. Giving its users a feel of elegance when holding it. Suggested by most magazines for chefs and house cooks alike, for more than 20 years. The unstoppable power of cutting-edge blades makes it the best chef’s knife under $100.


Undoubtedly, the extra-wide blades provide the benefit of cutting through food items quickly. Such a sharp and cheap chef’s blade is hard to salvage. Arguably, the ergonomic handle with ideal weight balance makes it a perfect candidate for chefs.

 Reason? The gripping thermoplastic elastomer material used in crafting the handle stiffs firmly in the hand of the user.


  • Groove handle for steady cutting and firm grip.
  • No need to sharpen before every use.
  • Replacing the need for a cleaver.
  • A beginner can use it worry-free for everyday kitchen cutting tasks.


  • No aesthetics and minimal packaging drive the user to see this as less attractive.
  • The handle is more inclined towards the blade; thus, cutting is a bit tough.

3. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Chef Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Chef Knife

Some chef’s knives are made to obliterate their competition. The same is the case with Mercer’s Culinary Genesis. Cutting and slicing with tapered-edges gives it a long-lasting sharpness. The stain-resistant bezel lining along the corrosion-free carbon blade comes with a full tang body. Providing greater balance overall.


Forged with high carbon German steel provides accuracy like no other chef knife in the market. The inclusion of a non-slip grip even with wet hands provides the comfort to cut hard food material. With a small size of 7 inches, it is not only lightweight than the others but powerful too.


  • A fraction of a price in terms of cost.
  • Scratch resistance provides tension-free use and greater comfort.
  • Multi-function knife with overall balance evenly.
  • Sharp, small blade for someone with small hands.
  • An attractive design like an expensive-looking blade.


  • Cannot wash in dishwasher.
  • A small blade structure might not be suitable for everyone.

4. Dalstrong 8-Inch Chef Knife

 Dalstrong 8-Inch Chef Knife

From providing reliability and durability for the past six years comes Dalstrong with yet another great chef knife. This knife promises to please a kitchen cook as well as a professional chef. You can rest assured for its stunning looks to be on a chef’s personal favorite’s list.


Welcome, a stunning razor-edge cutting technology blade with the feel of premium. The high-carbon mass infused with metal sets it apart from the rest in precise cutting. No knife in this category has looked better than the peak performance, Dalstrong puts.

The fierce-looking blade is loved by thousands for an all-rounder in all departments. Due to the stain resistance and strength of the blade, chefs cannot seem to let go of this knife.

The army green-colored handle is a favorite among users. Given its 8-inch length, the feel of a sturdy grip of the handle and Swiss knife tip for piercing. It is a must-have for anyone.


  • Chrome coating added for resistance against stains.
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Triple carbon coated for increased durability.


  • Due to the Flexible blade tip, it is not ideal to use it directly on frozen items.

5. J.A Henckels Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife

J.A Henckels Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife

Looks matter. That is why J.A Henckels brought an 8-inch classic chef knife. The classic knife thanks German technology for producing such a stunning seamless knife. Keeping the ergonomics classic while pushing the knife’s blade to an extremely thin bezel.


From becoming a kitchen cook gift to a pro chef’s test for cutting, it does all without breaking a sweat. The large 8-inch size makes it easy to use for normal chopping, dicing, and mincing. Despite looking simple, the durability of this stainless steel knife is praised by many.

Awarded for its simplicity, yet performing great difficult tasks easily. Such a professional-looking style is what sets it apart from others. Surprising its users with great power, sharpness, and stability.

Experience the feel and confidence of a professional chef knife with each cut. The high-quality build and low-price together seem like a great value product. With regular sharpening from time to time, you will keep the blade incredibly sharp for a long time.


  • Favorite of world-class chef Gordon Ramsey so you know it is good enough.
  • Handles amazing in everyone’s hands easily.


  • The tip of the blade dulls over time, so sharpening is needed.

6. KUMA Multi-Purpose 8-Inch Chef Knife

KUMA Multi-Purpose 8-Inch Chef Knife

Showcasing a Japanese model, the KUMA is a multi-purpose knife that can almost grind your food item. On top of that, the stainless-steel blades are durable enough to cut meat with no effort.  Elegant-looking Japanese knife combines material to make it lightweight.


There is no need to cut your potatoes with a dull knife anymore. By giving users a sturdy and steady grip, one can cut meat, fruits, and vegetables seamlessly. Do not worry, as this stainless steel will show its strength against meat products.

Your hand will not be getting tired anytime soon because it is so comfortable while using. Just remember to use this knife every day as it gets sharper with every use. A chef’s new best friend to accompany to be praised for its stylish design and kitchen essential.

Don’t let this one pass by, as you will enjoy this knife with full immersion. The Japanese edge style makes it popular among chefs and cooks at home alike. Regular household knives might not be able to cut through 7-pounds of steak but not for this one. You can cut away from your tensions and meat simultaneously with KUMA.


  • Extremely sharp with good balance
  • Handle grip comfortable


  • Less cutting edge curve on the blade.

7. Santoku Professional 8-Inch Chef Knife

Santoku Professional 8-Inch Chef Knife

In our opinion, one of the best Japanese chef knife under $100. Greatly because of its stylish holes look. Such grooves help Santoku cutting power to the extreme. The exquisite handle gives the user, feel of swinging a sword. The professional appearance of this chef knife makes it a useful choice for most people.


 The top-quality high carbon blade gives it the best weight balance. Carving food with those stainless steel blades makes it a chef’s knife. The corrode-resistant property allows for washing the blade easily after each use.

Not cracking under extreme pressure, the handle is built with a military-grade polymer. Rewarding the user with a stronger grip and smooth enough for long durations of usage.

Built with rigidness in mind allows slicing a leisure process. All the while sharpens the knife itself. With the ultra-sharp design, you can rest assured not to receive any problems in terms of user satisfaction.


  • Comfortable handle for a longer duration.
  • Can cut extremely thin slices due to groove finishing on the blade.


  • You need to sharpen the blade after 3 to 5 months.
  • The grooves on the side do not help in not sticking to the food.

8. Cangshan D Series 8-Inch Chef Knife

Cangshan D Series 8-Inch Chef Knife

Many chefs dream of having the Cangshan D Series knife mainly because its peculiar handmade full tang feature. The knife is equally balanced with optimum blade and handles length. Upon passing heat treatment, the knives are ensured to produce strength and durability.


Two strong magnets are imparted within the handle to clutch the knife. A new and stylish technique helps you protect your fingers from the blades. A mix of tough and sharp edges makes it a sturdy knife. Forging steel with High German alloy makes it perfect for everyday kitchen use.

The heat treatment helps the blade keep its hardness over the years, thus providing ever-lasting sharpness. The knife is also hardened to deal with frozen items too. This is why all these processes of hardening, polishing, and sharpening are done by expert blade smiths with hand.

A complete overhaul of design from the last model allowed the handle to embrace a relaxed and comfortable grip. While keeping the Asian culture intact, the knife’s tang is fully designed according to the cutting-edge styles of Asians.


  • Superb handle finishing and fits perfectly.
  • Outstanding packaging style


  • The blade can be bent easily.
  • Some users have complained of sharp corners along the spine.

9. Tatara 8-Inch chef Knife

Tatara 8-Inch chef Knife

Gliding through food with ease the motto of Tatara chef knives. Makes kitchen work so easier with this 8-inch chopper and slicer. The coating makes it more durable and sustainable for years to come by. Achieving greater precision was never this easier before the Tatara chef knife. Keep reading to know more.


Durable and easy to clean with no risk of cutting your finger is a bonus. While cutting, the handle is smart enough to allow the user to hold the blade top side with a finger to avoid moving around the chopping board. Not even a little effort is needed to push on the knife.

The ergonomic design principle means a strong fixed grip on the handle is included with the knife. Tang is fully coated three times to increase the agility of your knife. Allowing your chef knife to slice items on its own. The blades are made from stainless steel, ideal for smooth meat cutting.

From reasonable pricing to fully tang designing, it is a bang for your buck. Comes along with a beautiful casing to hold the knife mainly because of razor-sharp blades. Loved by many MasterChef around the world, you are sure to hit the jackpot after salvaging it.


  • Feel the grip, comfortable in hand for prolonged durations.
  • Sharp edges glide through meat and veggies alike.


  • Sharpness fades overtime.
  • Simple basic design.

10. Kutt Santoku 7-Inch Chef Knife

Kutt Santoku 7-Inch Chef Knife

Last but not least, a highly praised, high-quality chef knife whose users have reported of corrosion-free experience. Sharp wide bezel gives it the smoothness for not sticking food along. As a bonus, a knife sharpener is also gifted to the user so that you can keep the blade for a long time.


Keeping your knife in top-notch quality is your duty. For that purpose, Kutt Santoku offered a sharpener along with a knife to satisfy customer demands. The high-quality blade is prepared with a dual coating which renders every food item against it useless. Such a comfortable grip allows you to cut safely and take a complete takeover.

The handle is built in such a way to attract old and new customers alike. The wooden handle beautifies the knife making it the ideal candidate for giving professional chefs gifts in your circle. Giving you higher speeds in cutting.

The groove structure does not come in the way of a sharpener. Whenever you want, you can add this chef knife to the dishwasher and feel free of all the worries. Cutting is so easy, and separate pressure applied is not necessary. You can hold the handle strongly and keep chopping and slicing.


  • Separate sharpener included.
  • The beautiful aesthetic design makes it a favorite among users.


  • Handle de-colorization.
  • Water absorption by the handle, thus causing moisture and the growth of bacteria.

What to Look For Before Buying The Best Chef Knives Under 100?

Before buying the best chef knives under $100, one should completely set his/her goals as to what they want from their knives. The realistic expectation should be noted in the same way. If a chef knife you are looking for should be aesthetically stunning, you should go for that. There are many qualities of steel as well. The purpose of cutting a frozen material, or such material that involves a sharp wedged blade, requires a good quality of stainless steel.

Similarly, if cutting, slice and dicing power with minimal effort is what you need, you should select that one from all of the above. Coming prepared to store is necessary because this is an investment you are going to make on yourself. You will be treating yourself by buying the desired chef knife on a budget.

You need to match all the products in terms of strength, build quality, the amount of comfort you are getting from each chef knife. We understand that buying one from so many options can be a real tough job. As mentioned above, the chef is a list of carefully curated ones for you to read and decide for yourself.

Normally it would be best if you always considered your options. In our case, we have a fixed budget of $100, so we need to stay in this price range. Look out for the quality with the light-weighted handle and a sharp wedged blade.

We don’t need to go too cheap because they dull themselves out pretty quickly. On the other hand, we do not want a” the expensive, the better” mentality too because it is never true. Remember, what do you want to do? Do you want to spend more on sharpeners or get a better deal? So weigh in your options correctly.


1. What brand of knives do professional chefs prefer?

Most chefs have different preferences. Some prefer J.K Henckels like Gordon Ramsey. He praises this one and is a master of knives with it. Once you have your handset on a quality knife, you can keep practicing on it as these professional chefs do.

Other professional ones prefer Cangshan D Series because of its classic simple design. Some chefs like knives that are minimalist in design but excellent in work. That is what we get from the Changsha D series.

2. Do professional chefs use ceramic knives?

Indeed, many chefs use different kinds of ceramic knives in their daily routines. Having more than to test their skills is a habit of professional chefs. Both have their place. On some occasions, you need a freshly sharpened knife to make delicate cuts.

In contrast, sometimes, you need to just plow through the material just to complete the task. That is when a ceramic knife is used for its efficiency. The risk of corrosion is very less in ceramic knives; therefore, using them on multiple occasions by professional chefs is a must.

3. What is the difference between ceramic and stainless steel knives?

Stainless steel knives are cheaper than ceramic ones. The ceramic ones are coaxed with hard ceramic material. A diamond powdered grinding tool is used to grind the ceramic knife to your choice. Ceramic knives need less sharpening over the years. Once you buy one, you will rarely need to buy another.

On the other hand, stainless steel ones are not harder than ceramic ones. That is why they are prone to breaking more often. Often time, sharpening is needed every time you would want to use the stainless one. These stainless steel knives are very sharp at the beginning but often get dull over the years.

Final Verdict

To conclude, it all depends on why you want to buy a professional knife? It was because you wanted to relax and attain comfort. This should not come with a hefty price but a considerate amount so that even a home cook can cut fish like Gordon Ramsey or close enough.

One should not buy a professional chef knife if you do not have adequate knowledge about the knives. Soon as you gather and comprehend all the information, make up your mind and visit your nearest store. Check every blade with a medium-sized handle, and if you have found the ideal knife, go for it.

You will help your family by gifting them with such a prized possession. This gift would help them every day. In the kitchen or at work, they will remember you. Once you reach home, you will help yourself with a quick slice and dice here to prepare a really good dinner in no time.

It is always a very tiring task to find a perfect knife for your household.

Such tedious tasks were so time-consuming before, but now you can spend that time with your loved ones. Learn new dishes and try them out with your new professional chef knife. Spending an accurate amount for the right chef knife is a thin line to find. If you do not find it, come back here and read our article again to get a better understanding than before. Until next time, cheers.

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