Best Coffee Grinders for Pour Over

10 Best Coffee Grinders for Pour Over – Reviews 2021

There’s nothing more satisfying than craving for a perfect cup of coffee and getting the beautifully prepared coffee. The first step to the coffee-making process is grinding the coffee beans. If you’re a fan of pour-over coffee, you should not consider any grinder other than a burr grinder.

The quality of the simplest tools makes a huge difference in how the drink will turn out. Therefore, choosing the best coffee grinder for pour over is very important. In this article, we have reviewed ten of the best grinders for pour over coffee and have formed a buyer’s guide. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best grinder for pour over coffee, you should continue reading.


Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over

From Breville and OXO to Parlex and Krups, you can buy the best coffee grinder for pour over by any brand. To know the specifications and the differences between each product, let us have a close look at the products offered by the companies. Therefore, without much ado, let us get to the reviews!

1. Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Grinder is one of the most rewarded and recognized grinders by Baratza. It is the epitome of performance and professional-quality results. This is a smart and powerful product allowing you to make the grinding process your own.

This product features a low-speed functioning motor. Therefore, the grinding process is extremely quiet and comfortable. However, even with the low-speed, the beans are ground at a quicker pace than most competitors due to the effective stainless-steel blades.

We like the machine’s several programming options. You can set the machine by time, making it grind beans at a specific time each day. We also like the display and digital timer, allowing you to program the grinder according to your preferences.


  • Incredibly smart grinder
  • Quiet and quick function
  • One year warranty
  • Easy programmability with about forty grind settings
  • Incredibly stylish design


  • Assembling the product might become a difficult task with unclear instructions.

2. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus

If you’re a fan of good coffee but do not make too much of it at home, you should consider the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus. This manual grinder is perfect for anyone who makes only 1-3 cups of coffee each day.

The ceramic blades featuring in the grinder are great for stability and durability. Moreover, the machine has a strong grind shaft allowing the beans to be ground uniformly for the best results.

We like the product’s ergonomic design that is easy to crank and grind. The handle is detachable for portability, and the base is made of non-slip rubber. Therefore, you can place the product on any surface and crank with extra force without the fear of losing the machine.

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus also has an adjustment mechanism, allowing you to personalize the grinding pattern and size.


  • Ergonomic design for easy usability.
  • Non-slip base for maximum safety.
  • Ceramic blades last longer.


  • The grind is quick and effective, but the consistency might be compromised at times.

3. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Buying a versatile and wide-usage grinder is the best idea if you’re looking for the best pour over grinder. It is best to choose a product that is suitable for grinding for several brewing methods. The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is one such grinder that can produce commercial-grade grinds whether you’re looking for pour over brewing, making Turkish coffee or French Press brewing.

You can adjust the motor’s speed to change the aroma retention and the amount of noise the product produces. When tweaked to the right speed, the product produces almost negligible noise, considering that it’s a burr grinder.

If you like to brew multiple cups of coffee each day, you will like how large this product’s capacity is. The 4-ounce ground coffee container and the 8.8-ounce bean container are perfect for most coffee-lovers.

The product is made of ABD plastic with a stainless finish. Therefore, this grinder is incredibly easy to clean. Therefore, it is easy to maintain and use in the long-run.


  • Exceptionally wide grind range allowing for versatile usage.
  • Affordable product.
  • Considerably quite functioning.
  • Large capacity for people who brew several cups of coffee each day.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • The product is not made of heavy-duty materials, allowing it to not be very durable.

4. Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Other than the Capresso Infinity Conical grinder, another versatile product we like is the OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder.  The result you get from this grinder can be used for pour over, cold brew, espresso, and just about anything in between.

The storage space has a UV-blocking tint allowing the beans to live for a longer period. Paired with the air-tight lid, you can rest assured about the rich flavor profile retention. The product can hold 0.75 pounds of coffee beans in one go.

The machine’s functioning is incredibly comfortable due to the touch button operation. Moreover, the machine is made of a built-in scale and can be used either on the presets or on customized settings.

Using, maintaining, and cleaning this conical grinder is simple and convenient. Therefore, it is an incredible prick for most casual coffee drinkers who either like to grind in advance or grind a lot of coffee in a day.


  • Smart features for customizability.
  • Cuts down on extra equipment in your kitchen.
  • Comfortable touch-button functioning.
  • Versatile md mess-free functioning.
  • It is made of sturdy and long-lasting materials.


  • With constant use, the machine might start making a buzzing sound while grinding.

5. Breville BCG820BSS Smart Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Breville BCG820BSS Smart Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Do you like geeky and technological products for an enhanced grinding experience? After all, if you’re investing in an electric grinder, why not invest in a smart one that will make everything easier for you? The Breville BCG820BSS Smart Pro Coffee Bean Grinder is one of the best products out there if a smart grinder is what you’re looking for.

This product is perfect for making your grinding more accessible, flexible, repeatable, and versatile. You can use this machine to grind almost any grind size from the espresso-fine, pour over-medium, to the French Press-coarse.

We like how the machine will last you for a long time/ Moreover, the easy usability is enhanced by the digital display featuring on the machine. We like the machine’s incredibly wide grinding range with adjustments and customizability.

The machine has low RMPs, allowing it to produce consistent grinds while producing the lowest possible sound possible. The features in this grinder are hard to find in another product at the same price range.


  • Several convenient features.
  • Long-lasting burrs.
  • Commercial-grade grind quality.
  • Extremely programmable and customizable.
  • Sixty grind settings for maximum customizability.
  • Micro-adjustments in the brewing process.


  • It might not work the best with dark roasts.

6. Krups Precision Flat Grinder

Krups Precision Flat Grinder

Brewing coffee is a dedicated and fancy art for some people. However, others might not view it in the same light and find investing in an expensive grinder moot. If you’re looking for a budget option as well, you should consider the Krups Precision Flat Grinder.

This grinder is perfect for a minimalist professional who prefers not to tweak with settings a lot. The grinder features 12 preset grind settings. Moreover, you can also choose the cup size you’re going to brew coffee in, allowing the machine to grind only the amount of coffee you will require.

The machine requires no setting up. Moreover, with the simple power button, you do not have to worry about anything else. The machine might save you some electricity since it will automatically stop when a grinding cycle comes to an end.


  • Zero-hassle coffee grinding.
  • Minimalist and straightforward functioning approach.
  • Minimizes waste.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Incredibly affordable yet powerful.


  • Low-quality built materials.
  • It might not last for a long time.

7. Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

It is crucial for you to be able to trust the machine you’ve bought for your everyday coffee-making requirements. The Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder is surely a product you can trust since it has been certified by Red Dot and Quiet Mark for several reasons. This grinder is a routine product with special capabilities to make it incredibly powerful.

You will like this product if you’re a fan of ultra-fine grind not only for your Turkish coffee but also for your pour over coffee. This is a huge machine with a 13-ounce coffee storage capacity. We like the product’s sleek design as well.

You can choose any of the 15 grind settings in this product. Moreover, each of these settings allows micro-adjustments for perfect customizability. You can also adjust the cup size to only grind as much coffee as you require, minimizing the waste of beans, time, and effort.


  • Several grind settings for customizability.
  • Mess-free functioning and operation.
  • Large storage hopper.
  • Certifiably trusted product.


  • The grinding flow is not perfect, allowing the beans to scatter in any direction.

8. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

The best thing about manual grinders is that you can use them to grind as little coffee as you want. However, the Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder takes the less amount grinding to a new level. Even though you will have to work on this product yourself, it is an incredibly comfortable product to own.

This is a compact and easy-to-store and carry product. Therefore, it is the best hack for people who like to travel and struggle to find good alternatives on the road. The Porlex Mini’s small footprint allows it to be incredibly useful for many people.

The product has ceramic burrs for perfect and long-lasting grinding. The stainless steel body is also durable, making the product a smart investment option.

We like how consistently this burr grinder can break down coffee. Even though you cannot make any adjustments, the product itself is good enough to make you not need to make changes.


  • Incredibly small for rare but quality coffee-drinkers
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Perfect for road and camping trips.
  • Consistent grind size.
  • It is made of sturdy materials.


  • Working the handle manually can be very painful and taxing at times.

9. KitchenAid KCG0702CS Burr Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid KCG0702CS Burr Coffee Grinder

Variety, versatility, and high-grade performance are the markings of any great product. The KitchenAid Burr grinder is incredible for its classic looks, along with its unbelievably consistent coffee grinding.

You can employ any of the 15 available grind levels to make use of the stainless-steel burrs. Paired with several adjustability options, this is a product many people like due to its simple customizability.

The machine’s low RMP allows the grind to retain as much flavor as possible while minimizing friction heat. Moreover, considering how loud burr grinders can be, this product functions at very low noise.

We like how durable the stainless steel burrs are, providing longevity to the machine. This grinder is also easy to clean and maintain since you get a burr cleaning brush along with a handheld scoop for perfect functioning. 


  • Considerably quite functioning.
  • Large hopper capacity.
  • Retains the most aroma in the drink.
  • Incredibly durable functioning.
  • Provides exceptionally consistent grind size.
  • It is made of exceptional quality products.


  • The motor might produce strained noise when used for too long at a stretch.

10. De’ Longhi Dedica Conical Burr Grinder

De’ Longhi Dedica Conical Burr Grinder

Who said that grinders could only grind coffee beans? The De’ Longhi Dedica Conical Burr Grinder is perfect for its multi-purpose usage. Not only is the product great for great grinding, but also good because of its in-built portafilter. Therefore, it is a one-stop-solution for your coffee requirements.

The machine comes with 18 adjustable and variable grind settings. Therefore, not only is it perfect for pour over, but also good for French Press, espresso, and drip coffee. Moreover, the micro-and macro-adjustability increases the customizability and functionality of the product. The attached LCD screen is great for monitoring and adjustments.

Even the portafilter attached has adjustability options. You can choose whether you want a weak, medium, or bold coffee, and you will not be disappointed by the machine’s calculations. We also like how the machine gives you the option to dispense the grinds either in the storage hopper or directly to the portafilter.


  • Easy adjustability and customizability.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Feature a handy LCD screen.
  • A powerful and customizable portafilter.
  • It is made of the best quality materials.


  • Loud functioning.
  • The machine can have some high-level spills while grinding.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over?

Choosing the best pour over grinder is not as general and simple an exercise as it may seem. Therefore, we have listed a couple of things you should consider before you buy the best grinder for pour over.

Blade or Burr Grinders

One of the most important things to consider is the consistency of pour over coffee grind. This is the reason why you should always opt for a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder.

Coffee Grinders

A blade grinder will break down the coffee beans without any regard for the grind size. However, a burr grinder doesn’t cut but crushes the beans until they are all of the perfect sizes. If you’re looking for the best pour over the grinder, do not invest in a blade grinder and only opt for a burr grinder.

Electric or Manual

Electric pour over grinders tend to be much more expensive than manual grinders. However, nothing can beat their convenience. Therefore, if you are an extensive coffee-drinker who makes several cups of coffee a day, you should own an electric grinder.

On the other hand, if you do not mind some mechanical effort and make only one cup of coffee a day, you will have no use for an electric one. Using a manual grinder is an extensive job. However, it is practical if you’re not too much into the coffee.

Conical or Flat Grinders

Burr grinders come in two forms – flat ad conical, and you’ll be surprised to see how much a difference the shape makes. Conical grinders tend to be quieter and more precise in their grinds. However, if you’re a beginner and are looking for a decently consistent grind, you should consider flat grinders.

Coffee Grinders for Pour Over

Flat grinders are perfect for heat retention, while conical grinders might preserve the oil and aroma present in coffee beans.

Ceramic or Stainless-Steel Blades

The blade material you choose to buy makes a huge impact on the grind quality. However, the choice is purely subjective. Stainless steel blades in a burr grinder tend to below-investment and are sharper. However, ceramic blades are more durable and affordable in the long run.

Stainless steel blades produce quick results, and the coffee preserves all the aroma and flavor—however, ceramic blades produce a full-bodied taste.

Grind Size

Attaining the perfect grind size is the key to attaining good coffee. Therefore, you should consider how big, and consistent the grinder will grind the coffee beans. This is a subjective thing to consider. While some people prefer finer grind, others prefer boulders. However, medium-coarse coffee beans are the best for preserving all the oils, essence, aroma, and flavor in the drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is only natural for you to still be curious and have doubts. Therefore, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet regarding pour over coffee grind. We hope you find the answer to your query in one of these questions.

1. Can I use a blade grinder to pour over coffee?

There is no restriction on which grinder you can and cannot use for any coffee brewing method. However, certain tools make the process and result much better. While a blade grinder will do the job, it will not do it perfectly. Using a burr grinder will help you achieve better quality coffee that is made of consistent and uniformly ground coffee beans.

2. Is pour over the best method of coffee brewing?

The way you brew your coffee makes a huge difference in how the drink will turn out. Most black coffee lovers love the pour over method since it allows you to achieve a more flavorful and strong drink. Pour over method takes longer than several other methods, allowing it to extract the most intricate notes from the beans.

3. Is grinding your own coffee worth the money and effort?

If you want to grind your coffee beans at home, you will have to some money on buying a good grinder. Your coffee preparation method will also have an added step. However, these things are worth it if you want to achieve the best coffee at all times.

 Coffee tends to lose its essence very quickly after grinding. Therefore, you can preserve the maximum flavor and aroma when you grind coffee beans only ten minutes ahead of your brewing.

4. Can I grind coffee beans twice?

You can grind coffee beans for as long as you want as long as you do not lose the desired size and texture. Re-grinding coffee might at times help you get more flavor in your drinks. If you have coarse-ground coffee but prefer finer grind, do not think twice before re-grinding to get the best drink.

5. Is fine-ground coffee stronger?

Every coffee type has its own perfect grind size. Therefore, not every coffee might taste better when ground to be finer. However, fine coffee does tend to have stronger flavor profiles and allow for maximum essence retention.

You can use finely-ground coffee for pour over. However, if you’re also a fan of French Press, you’ll have to keep the grounds on the courser side to keep the grind from getting mixed with the drink.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right grinder for pour over is a matter of pure subjectivity. You must decide the things you prefer to have in your kitchen tool, how much you’re willing to spend on it, and for what purposes you will use it for.

Through our search and according to our preferences, we like the Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Grinder the best for its incredible functioning. However, you can refer to the other products in the list and consider the product you like the most.

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