Best Crepe Maker Reviews

10 Best Crepe Maker Reviews in 2021– A Beginners Guide

It was you who took the challenge of trying the crepe recipe. But looks like after all the efforts you’ve poured in there, what came out still tasted like nothing but some undercooked clay.

Want to know a secret? The finest crepe always comes from the combination of three things – skill, right ingredient, and last but not least, the best crepe maker.

Seems you’ve taken the first two quite seriously but not the last one. Well, we can’t blame you entirely, though, as you didn’t know where to get that. But don’t worry; we’re here to find that out for you. So, are you ready to bring it in? Looks like you are.

10 Best Crepe Maker Reviews

After checking out tons of crepe makers, we’ve finally been able to find out the 10 that are worthy of being on our toppers list. Let’s get you introduced to the first one.

1. NutriChef PCRM12

NutriChef PCRM12

When you’re rushing for the office and still can’t miss breakfast, we bet you’re going to need something that can make the food faster. Well, this is what the PCRM12 Electric Crepe Maker from NutriChef is made for.

When you’re planning to make your next crepes and blintzes more delicious than ever, this super easy-to-use tech will cut off the hassle in half. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re craving for pancakes, bacon, or eggs, it can make them all within the shortest time.

If you’re asking for the heat, then its 1200-watt heavy-duty plate can take the temperature to a volcanic level. All you need to do is just put in the 2.5-feet power cord in the outlet and let the 12″ aluminum hot plate take care of the rest. By the way, its compact size has not made it convenient for storage only but for travel too.

More so, you’ve got an adjustable rotary dial for bringing some changes in the temperature. And once you hit the right temperature, an LED light will let you know that.

Now the question is, what if the food gets sticky? Well, there’s no chance of that as the non-stick aluminum ain’t going to let that happen. And like a cherry on the top, the wooden spatula with a batter spreader will be there to help you out with the recipe.


  • Highly convenient to use
  • Helpful for cooking different dishes
  • Compact for easy storing and traveling
  • Doesn’t catch the food on the surface
  • Boasts a big diameter of 12″


  • A little tough to make even sized crepe

2. Moss & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

Moss & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

When it comes to crepe makers, the first thing that we picture in our mind is pouring batter on its surface. But this one kind of does the opposite. Yes, it’s the Electric Crepe Maker from Moss & Stone that we’re talking about.

If you ever go to a crepe-making competition, we bet you’re going to win with this as it’s super easy to use. All you need to give it is just 20 seconds. Not only for crepes, but you can easily try on recipes like the blintzes, soft tortilla, tacos, eggs roll, chapati, etc., with its 8″ non-stick cooking area.

And with this one, you’re going to forget the face of burned crepes. Thanks to its automatic temperature control for pulling that off. But don’t think its high-powered heating element of 120V will mess with the heat. With the one press On/Off button on the handle, you can get it ready for the dishes anytime.

But if anything that has perfected the design to the fullest extent, then it’s the handle. Unlike any random handles, this one delivers easier and safer holding along with easing up the operation.


  • Makes crepes in 20 seconds
  • High-powered heating element ensures adequate heat
  • Automatic temperature control prevents burning
  • Perfect sized handle allows easier operation
  • Can also make tacos, eggs roll, etc.


  • The cooking area is a bit small

3. G&M Kitchen Essentials COMINHKPR137463

G&M Kitchen Essentials COMINHKPR137463

Pour, spread, flip, enjoy! Sounds easy already, doesn’t it? Well, this is how it’s going to happen if you bring something in like the COMINHKPR137463 electric crepe maker from G&M Kitchen Essentials.

The 2.6 lbs crepe maker is probably going to be one of the easiest crepes making tech you’ve seen so far. From the intro, you’ve already known how easy it is to make this one work with its 12″ non-stick aluminum surface. So, you can be sure that even your kids can cook on this one.

To finish off your regular ‘stove’ hassles, this 1000W/120V crepe maker comes with precise temperature control. But the ease just doesn’t end there. The built-in indicator light will let you know if you’ve hit the right temperature or not. And you’ve got nothing to worry about storing or cleaning as it’s easy on both parts.

By the way, are you looking for something to spread batter or flip the crepe? Well, you’re going to get a batter spreader and wooden spatula to help you out there. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re asking for French crepes, dosa, pancakes, or anything else, they’ve got your back with flipping and spreading on the aluminum plate.


  • Weighs 2.6 lbs only
  • Non-stick surface doesn’t hold a grip on foods
  • Sports a big diameter of 12″
  • Requires only a 3-step process
  • Comes with precise temperature control


  • The wooden tools quality could’ve been better

4. ISILER SW-603


How is that going to make you feel if you see the crepe maker you’ve brought in leaving all the crepes half cooked? Well, things like that happen when the crepe maker can’t spread the heat evenly. But the next one in our crepe maker review can. What else can you expect from something like the SW-603 from ISILER?

But evenly heating up isn’t the only beauty of this 12″ non-stick crepe maker. You need to count the intelligent temperature control and overheating protection in the list too. This feature doesn’t let the temperature rise to a level where you’ll have to see the face of burned crepes.

So, what do you want to try this time? Is it roti, eggs, tortilla, BBQ, or steak? Well, none of them are going to be a big deal for SW-603 as it can cook all of them. And once you’re done with the cooking and go for cleaning it up, you might start feeling like – from when cleaning has become a piece of cake?

Now comes the safety part. After all, you don’t want your food to become the reason for your health issues, do you? But team ISILER has handled that part perfectly by grabbing the FDA safety standard certification.


  • Spreads the heat evenly
  • Prevents burning with overheating protection
  • Delivers a versatile cooking performance
  • The non-stick surface is easy to clean
  • Boasts FDA safety standard certification


  • Doesn’t have any On/Off switch

5. Proctor Silex 38400PS

Proctor Silex 38400PS

Are you done with crepe makers that can give you no clue on what temperature it is currently on? Well, it’s time to step out of that circle, and 38400PS from Proctor Silex is here to help you out with that.

Rather than leaving you confused with unclear heat levels, team Proctor Silex thought of keeping 8 different heat levels in this 1000W crepe maker. This means if you need low heat for certain recipes, you’ve got the lowest chance of ending up with burned foods again.

But that’s not its only jaw-dropping feature. We don’t know if you’ve seen a crepe maker with a size of 13″ earlier, but that’s the number you’re going to get here. Now, if you feel like surprising your friends with a gigantic pancake, that ain’t going to be a problem. As the surface is non-stick, cleaning won’t be hassling too.

By the way, you don’t need to pick up the entire machine and swirl it to make the crepe size right. Just use the batter spreader and cup to do that without making a mess.

And of course, you don’t need to bind your concept of using a crepe maker for making crepe only. This 5.24-lbs. piece of tech can be helpful for a ton of dishes that you might like to have for your dinner, breakfast, lunch, and of course, desserts.


  • The 8 heat levels ensure heat variation
  • Boasts a humongous diameter of 13″
  • Non-stick surface keeps the cleaning easy
  • Batter spreader helps with even spreading
  • Allows making different dishes


  • A bit heavy

6. Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

The sixth one on our list probably has everything that you can ask from the best electric crepe maker. Actually, it can bring up things in a better way. Well, the 6th slot of our list has gone to the Electric Crepe Maker Griddle from Chefman.

Usually, for making crepes, if anything matters the most in the first place, it is the diameter of the pan. Looks like team Chefman took it seriously too, and that’s why they’ve given this crepe maker a huge 12″ non-stick diameter.

But that’s not the only part where they’ve tried to make it a better kitchen tech. You need to count its precise temperature control mechanism on the table too. Just make sure that you’re making the knob in the middle useful enough. The next thing you’ll have to do is just spread, wait and flip.

And looking for a way to know if it has reached the desired temperature or not? Just keep an eye on the green indicator light, and that’ll be enough. One more thing! When we pay, for one thing, we only get one. But the makers of this crepe maker have also made it a griddle. Sounding like a money saver already?

Now comes the part you probably dislike the most – the cleaning. Wish we could say you can keep disliking it, but the easy-to-clean aluminum surface is surely going to disagree. Let’s say you’ll be just a few simple steps away from a fully clean crepe maker.


  • 12″ diameter can occupy bigger crepes
  • Indicator light for maintaining the right temperature
  • Can work like a griddle
  • Equips the precise temperature control mechanism
  • Highly convenient to use


  • The spatula is a little thick

7. StarBlue SB-BLA03A

StarBlue SB-BLA03A

Doesn’t it feel irritating when every time you try to make crepes, you’ll have to put the plug in and out just to cool down the crepe maker? Well, SB-BLA03A from StarBlue is here to put a full stop to that struggle of yours.

No matter whatever you’re getting in the first place, the material will come first on the list of considerations. Team StarBlue ain’t unaware of that, so they’ve thought of using nothing but food-grade aluminum with higher quality. So, if you’re having any confusion about its ability to sustain for the long run, then here’s your answer.

But what is more of an interesting part of SB-BLA03A is its non-stick surface. As the sticky one would’ve made the flipping harder than ever, the makers decided to keep it that way. Plus, it eased up the cleaning too.

We’ve already given you a hint on it coming with a separate on/off button. So, rather than unplugging it every time you leave the room, you can just turn off the switch.

And don’t go on its 12″ big surface as the 1000 Watt plate will provide you enough heat to turn the recipes in your head into a delicious reality. You’re just a knob away from reaching the heat you need. Besides, the batter spreader and spatula made the flipping and spreading easy as pie.

As you already know the size of the diameter, we don’t think you’ll have a problem with giving your foods a bigger shape. Now, you decide what you want to experiment with within a short time, like dosa, roti, tortilla, or blintzes. It literally can do almost anything the best commercial crepe maker can as well.


  • High-quality aluminum ensures better longevity
  • Non-stick surface made the flipping easier
  • 1000 Watt plate ensures sufficient heat
  • Speeds up the cooking process
  • Comes with a separate switch for on/off


  • Not the lightest among electric crepe makers

8. MasterChef MTF-CCM-689

MasterChef MTF-CCM-689

We won’t believe it if you’ll say that you love cooking but never heard of MasterChef. But today, we’re not going to talk about the TV show but the MTF-CCM-689 crepe maker from MasterChef.

Keeping the structure bulky was never the thing of MasterChef, and they’ve walked on the same way here too. So, this 2.51-lbs crepe maker won’t put an extra burden on your backpack if you feel like taking it for an outing. Plus, the decent-sized 10″ diameter has been proved perfect for anything similar to crepe type food.

But that ‘ease’ just doesn’t end there. The makers have got rid of the corded hassle as well. Now, you can forget about your old habit of wrapping the cord in the bottom after every time you’re done using it.

And guess how you’re going to know if the machine is ready for making crepe or not? It’s much simpler this time. The ready light with the on/off button will tell you if it has reached the temperature or not. Looks like the makers know how to keep their design simple but efficient.

Now, let’s check out what else is coming with it. Well, team MasterChef filled that part with useful tools as well, like a dipping plate, electric base, and spatula. What else do you need for flipping and spreading?


  • Comes with a decent 10″ plate
  • Doesn’t need to wrap the cord in the bottom
  • Weighs only 2.51 lbs.
  • Offers ready light with on/off button
  • Comes with useful extra tools


  • Not the fastest crepe maker

9. Morning Star 250

Morning Star 250

Get ready for some big shot now! It’s the 250 from Morning Star that has made it on our top 10 list. Looking for a reason why? Let us give you a ton of them.

We bet the first thing that’ll draw your attention is the 13″ non-stick aluminum plate. Guess what you can make on it? Pancakes, tortillas, omelets, dosa, eggs, bacon, sausage, injera, flatbreads – you just name it, and it’ll make them for you.

Want to know the number they kept for rapid heating? It’s 1000W! Do you still think you’ve got any chance to go back with undercooked crepes? We don’t think so. And for keeping the precision level up, they’ve added a dial that you’ll find too easy to operate with.

Compared to its size, it weighs a lot less – just 6 lbs. If you don’t call a crepe maker the best crepe maker machine on the basis of weight alone, then you won’t find it too heavy for sure. Plus, the handles on both sides will make carrying and handling it nothing but a piece of cake.

And don’t think the makers have paid no attention to its stability. If you check the bottom, you’ll get to see rubber feet that didn’t only make it more stable but also protect the countertop from getting scratches.


  • Heats the surface rapidly
  • Equips a precise control knob
  • Can be used for cooking different dishes
  • Rubber feet ensure stability
  • Keeps the countertop scratch-free


  • A little big for single users

10. MegaChef MC-2900PM

MegaChef MC-2900PM

We don’t believe in keeping the best for the last because all crepe makers we’ve kept on our list are almost equally capable of perfecting your crepe recipes. But the last one on our crepe maker review might give you a feeling like we were saving the most powerful one for the last. After all, it’s the MC-2900PM from MegaChef.

Rather than keeping the size standard, the makers thought of making the diameter a bit bigger. So, they’ve added some extra inches and made a big one of 12″ that you can easily use for dishes like crepe, pancakes, etc.

And for keeping the flipping easy, the makers have given its plate a perfect non-stick coating. So, not only that’ll help you with cooking but with cleaning as well. Plus, with it, you’re only 3 steps away from your perfect crepe. Consider the convenience equal for pancakes too.

We didn’t mention that you’re going to get a batter trowel and spatula, too, did we? Well, count that in as well. With a shiny knob in the middle, you can play with a temperature the way you want. All you have to do is keep an eye on the green indicator light if you’ve reached the desired heat level or not.

One more thing that we can’t help mentioning is its soft footing. This means unlike any harsh footing, it has the leanest chance of scratching your nice and beautiful countertop.


  • The diameter is as big as 12″
  • Gets crepe making easier with 3-steps
  • Comes with heat indicator light
  • Temperature knob eases up heating control
  • Soft footing reduces the chance of scratching


  • Side borders could’ve been higher

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is a crepe maker worth it?

Undoubtedly, it is. It’s not that you’ll only have to stick to a certain dish, but the level of versatility it comes with makes it perfect for tons of other cooking experiences. But understand your need first and pick one accordingly rather than going for a blind purchase.

Crepe Maker

2. What else can you make on a crepe maker?

Like any other versatile cookware, a crepe maker is also good at making tons of dishes. It’s capable of making dishes like roti, pancakes, soft tortilla, tacos, eggs roll, dosa, chapati, etc. You can even try certain meat items there as well.

3. What pan should I use for crepes?

Well, we would’ve suggested only well-seasoned pans for that. But lately, some amazing electric crepe makers have arrived in the game. So, you can choose both a seasoned pan or an electric crepe maker with temperature control, though things are a bit easier with the electric one.

4. How do you flip a crepe on a crepe maker?

First, check if its edges are ready or not. If they are, then gently slip the spatula under the crepe. Now, flip it upside down and do it quickly, without giving it a chance of getting damaged.

Crepe Maker

5. Can you use a crepe maker to make lefse?

Yes, you can. As they are kind of similar to crepes from the process perspective, it’s nothing hard to make lefse on a crepe maker. All you need to know is just how to do it.

Final Words

It’s getting old school to struggle with the old pans and stoves for making crepes. Now, it’s time to step into something better, faster, and more efficient, like the best crepe maker. But you’re not clueless about that anymore, are you? So, let’s grab what can turn you into a crepe making expert again?

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