So you and your family love baking (and making cupcakes in particular)? But your problem is…you can’t stand the hassle that comes with using baking trays and full-size ovens?

Well, then you’re in luck because cupcake maker offers you an easier path for preparing really delicious cupcakes recipes.

With hundreds of these little kitchen gadgets out there, you can get confused about the best cupcake maker for you. Don’t give up, though. Try one of these popular cupcake makers we have selected for you…

Our best cupcake maker picks:

1. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Quality and innovations are key when it comes to a reputable brand like Babycakes. They have designed this mini cupcake maker with a small design but with a high cupcake making capacity of up to 9 pieces. You can use it with your kids for fun baking.

The small cupcake maker features non-stick coated baking plates to ensure your cupcakes don’t stick on this cupcake maker during baking.

It features a convenient illuminated power indicator to alert you when the power is on, and the device is hot. Even better, it comes with a comfortable latching handle, non-skid rubber feet, and a convenient cord wrap. All the features come together to make baking easier and more fun for you.

Don’t forget that this little gadget also comes with an instruction guide plus some cool recipes and tips on how to come up with the perfect cupcakes in the comfort of your kitchen. This makes it easy to use, even for absolute beginners. And after using it, it simply wipes clean.

Apart from cupcakes, you can also use this device to make pancake bites, muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, doughnuts, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Features latching handle
  • Comes with non-skid rubber feet
  • Makes up to 9 cake pops
  • Illuminated power indicator
  • Convenient cord wrap

2. Babycakes CC-12 Full Size Cupcake Maker

If you’re looking for a great full size cupcake maker, this Babycakes CC-12 model is a cool choice. This cupcake maker will let you prepare your delicious confections in as little as 8 minutes. You can count it to help you bake goodies such as muffins, pies, appetizers, etc.

The device will let you make a total of 12 full size cupcakes and comes with non-stick baking plates for hassle-free baking. The non-stick plates also make cleaning easy.

Unlike when using an oven, where you’ll have to wait for longer to get results, this cake maker will get your full-size cupcakes cooked in as little as 5-8 minutes.

With a power rating of 1200Watts, this is energy sufficient device that will reliably help you make those delicious cakes. It even features light indicators to alert you when power and when your cupcakes are ready.

Also worth mentioning is the device’s latching lid that remains secure throughout the baking period for added user convenience. Its stands feature adhesive rubber to keep it from sliding on your countertop. Its handle is non-slip and sturdy for easy use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bakes 12 full-size cakes
  • Comfortable latching lid
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Uses up to 1200 Watts
  • Features power and ready lights

3. Disney DMG-7 Minnie Mouse Cupcake Maker

If you have that young baker in your life who shows interest in try various cupcake recipes, this is the perfect gift for him/her. It’s an easy bake cupcake maker that features a stunning cartoon theme and a portable design.

The easy to use cupcake maker will bake up to 4 full-size cakes at once. And has non-stick baking plates for easy use.

It presents you with illuminated power light to let you know when the baking process is on and when the pre-heating session is over. And unlike the ovens, which take longer to pre-heat, this device does so in minutes, ensuring faster baking.

One particular feature that makes this little gadget an excellent gift for your little baker is the included animal print liners. You can use these if you don’t want to make bare cupcakes. All you have to do is insert these liners in the cupcakes slots, ensure they’re well lined, and then pour your batter in and wait for it to bake.

Even more, this cupcake maker comes with silicone bow mold to enable your little one to bake their cupcakes easily.

Additional features that make this gadget user-friendly and more convenient cupcake maker for kids included non-skid rubber feet, a convenient cord wrap, latching handle, and easy wipe-down cleaning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Makes up to 4 cupcakes
  • Non-stick baking plate
  • Illuminated power light
  • Features animal print liners
  • Included silicone bow mold
  • Convenient cord wrap
  • Non-skid rubber feet

4. Betty Crocker BC-2930CRT Cupcake Maker

Betty Crocker BC-2930CRT

This is another popular cupcake maker in many households. It’s fun and easy to use and allows you to prepare delicious a total of 7 cupcakes in minutes, all at a go. When not making cupcakes, you can use this device as a muffin maker machine or make brownies in minutes.

Like the previously discussed cupcake makers, this model also features non-stick baking plates to enable your cakes to slide off the plates without breaking. Needless to say, the non-stick plates also promote easy cleaning.

Using this cupcake maker is just fun! All you need to do is pour your batter in the plates and wait for them to cook, and in just a few minutes, your delicious tastes are ready. The cupcake maker comes with a large high domed lid to enable your cupcakes to rise to full potential. It also features a flexible hinge to promote even baking for all your cakes.

As we have seen in the previous models, this cupcake maker also comes with indicator lights that let you know the power is on and when your cupcakes are ready.

When you purchase this gadget, you’ll get piping bags that included an assorted of nozzles and spatula, which help give you an easy time decorating your cupcakes. A recipe book also comes included to provide you with baking ideas in case you need them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bakes 7 delicious cupcakes
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Flexible hinge ensures even baking
  • Power on and ready lights

5. Holstein Housewares Full Size Cupcake Maker

Holstein Housewares HU-09006B

Whether you’re having your friends over for a cupcake decorating party or you’re simply baking up your favorite cupcake recipe for kids bake sale, this full size cupcake maker from Holstein will meet your needs. It lets you bake up to 12 standard cupcakes in just minutes.

The cupcake maker comes with a non-stick coated baking surfaces to ensure your cupcakes don’t stick and break, translating to hassle-free baking. The non-stick surfaces also make cleaning as easy as wiping the baking machine with a damp cloth.

Another convenient feature you’ll get in this cupcake maker involves the bright, easy to see the indicator light. This lets you know when your maker is done preheating and when it’s ready to make you those delicious treats.

Most manufacturers don’t seem to bother with this, but Holstein has designed this cupcake maker with a built-in safety lock to keep it closed during baking. With the included non-skid feet, this cupcake device will stay on your countertop

Note that this cupcake maker has a compact, space-saving design to enable you to easily store it away when not in use. Oh! Don’t forget that this machine comes in three colors—black, mint, and red—to give you options to pick from.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bakes 12 delicious cakes in minutes
  • Non-stick coated surfaces
  • Built-in safety lock
  • Non-slip feet ensure stability
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Bright, easy-to-see indicator lights

What Makes a cupcake fluffy?

If you’re like many newbies, you might be wondering what the pros do to make their cakes fluffy.

Don’t think too hard. It’s nothing complicated to come up with those fluffy cakes…as experts will tell you, baking fluffy, moist cakes boils down to creating air bubbles in your batter, which then expand during cooking in your cupcake maker.

For this reason, you’d want to avoid overmixing your batter to avoid collapsing those air bubbles present, unless you want to end up with an entirely solid, brick-like cupcakes.

Consider mixing your batter on low speed, and stop just as all your ingredients blend.

The tutorial below will take you through visual steps on how to come up with fluffy cupcakes.

How do you use a cupcake maker?

Now that you have gotten the best cupcake maker, you might be wondering how to start using it…

Basically, all cupcake makes are very similar devices and work in a similar manner. Each unit will open up to reveal the number of cupcake plates where you can pour your batter. And when you close the lid, the cupcake does the rest—it cooks your cakes to perfect form.

Cupcake Maker

Here are key steps to observe when using your new cupcake machine for baking delicious treats:

1. Plugin your cupcake maker

Spray the cooking surfaces of your cupcake maker with vegetable oil and then close its lid closed. Place it on a suitable surface and plug it into the main socket to preheat it. A green light shows up to indicate the machine is heating up.

2. Pour in your batter

When your device is pre-heat and ready for use, the ready light will come on (usually RED). At this point, you can lift the lid as you remain careful not to touch the hot surfaces. Fill all the cake slots with batter just below the top surface level to give room for rising when your cakes start baking. Most manufacturers usually recommend the slots be 2/3 full.

3. Let the cupcakes bake

Now close the lid and allow the cakes to bake. Ensure the latch is engaged during closing. If you put in too much batter, closing your cupcake machine might be a problem. Removing some of the filling will ensure problem-free closing.

4. Check your cupcakes

After around 5 to 8 minutes, you can open your cupcake maker and check how your cupcakes are doing. You expect them to have risen and feel springy to the touch. You can also try testing them with a wooden cocktail stick, which should come out clean. In case your cakes haven’t baked completely, close the lid and give them a few more minutes.

5. Turn it off

Finally, when your cakes have fully baked, it’s time to remove them and place them on a rack. Unplug your device, open the lid and start removing the cakes. We suggest that you use a wooden or plastic spatula to get the cakes out of the slot as a sharp metal object can damage the non-stick coating.

For more info on how to use your cupcake maker, and the safety measures to observe, be sure to study the user manual that comes with your cupcake making machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cupcake makers for making cupcakes alone?

Not really. Most of the cupcake makers you’ll find out there will let you bake a variety of treats, not just cupcakes. Examples of things you can make with a cupcake machine include muffins, omelet bites, cinnamon buns, mini corn dogs, to name but a few.

Q: What’s the best kids cupcake maker?

The perfect cupcake machine for kids is one that’s simple and straightforward to use for your young baker. It should feature a simplistic design. Cleaning and maintaining it should also be easy. Additional safety features are welcome for this kind of cupcake maker. Cheek our list above for some of the best kids cupcake maker reviews.

Q: How do you clean a cupcake maker?

Before cleaning your cupcake maker, make sure you unplug it from the main socket and give it time to cool down.

Wipe its outside and on-stick baking plates with a damp cloth and dry it using a soft cloth. In case the cooking surface has any baked-on food, remove it with a nylon mesh pad or plastic-bristled brush. Avoid using abrasive cleaner or steel wool on your unit as they can easily damage it.

NEVER immerse your machine in water or any liquid and never pout water on its cooking surfaces. If you need to use a wash-up liquid, simply apply a little amount on a cloth and use it to clean your unit. Make sure you wipe away all the traces.

Final Verdict

A cupcake maker allows you to bake more cupcakes in less time than a traditional oven, enabling you to save time, energy, and money. Having provided you with the 5 best cupcake maker models popular in many homes today, we do not doubt that you’ll have an easy time choosing the perfect cupcake-making machine for your unique baking needs.