Best Japanese Knife Sets

Best Japanese Knife Sets Review 2021

Whether it is a sword or a knife, there is no doubt about sheer quantity of work and Excellency in delivering both of these. A set of best Japanese knife is a must-have for someone who wants to do serious chopping inside their lair.

Many Japanese made knives are handcrafted to keep their tradition, while others are tailored towards a specific audience. The sheer power these razor sharp ergonomic blades have in terms of sharpness and agility is mind-blowing. Finding quality-producing Japanese knife brands is hard to find but no impossible.

Investing in a Japanese knife set guarantees not only durability and uniqueness but also the beautiful but ergonomic design impact too. Thus a Japanese knives set will not only make your cutting and slicing functions easier but also add a unique touch to your kitchen décor.

This knife set includes knives that are mostly needed in everyday kitchen tasks. From a simple utility knife to a Santoku knife to fillet fish, you need one for everything so that nice cut slices can be served.

As an added bonus, your kitchen tasks will be finished earlier, and you can relax sooner than expected.

That is why we have compiled a list of top best Japanese knife set you can find in the market. They must be correctly priced for the product, genuine quality, modern design, and more. If you want to invest in some Japanese knives for beginners, make sure to read this article till the end. We are sure you will find something to your liking. So let us get started.

Best Japanese Knife Sets

1. Global 7-Piece Ikasu Japanese Knife Set

Global 7-Piece Ikasu Japanese Knife Set

Setting their best foot forward, global have presented themselves with a seven-piece knife set with a stylish hanging wooden block set. This includes a chef knife, a smaller size paring knife, a Nakiri knife, and much more. The handle is beautifully merged with the stainless steel to provide one seamless blade.

The super sharp edges of each blade are achieved only by creating a dual-edge grounded shape that hones the blades to a group of an elite carbon steel best Japanese knives set. The safe and strong grip of the handle bonds together with the user providing perfect balance when swinging through food items.

The bamboo-made wooden block for holding the blades allows these knives to air dry with an upside down hanging style. This adds a unique look to your kitchen and provides razor-sharp blades for every use.

Used by professional and home cooks alike, the ergonomic design with razor-sharp blade goes along with the use of the highest quality stainless steel to make them rust and scratch-free for a long time.


  • Aesthetically beautiful knives with razor-sharp edges and functional design.
  • The bamboo box holds all the knives with perfect weight balance and not tilting in any direction due to the structure of knives through the box.


  • The wooden box looks and feels cheap as users have complained to nick it little by little every time a knife is taken out. So caution is recommended.


2. Fine Tool 6-Piece Japanese Knife Sets

Fine Tool 6-Piece Japanese Knife Sets

Bringing you its finest product, Fine Tool has a Japanese knife set comprising of 6 piece razor-sharp edge blades. The 6 piece kitchen knife set; blades are forged using multiple grinding techniques to bring us a marvelous final product. A stylish mahogany-colored handle that fits with a solid grip. A line of gorgeous blades.

The striding on each blade emphasizes keeping the food item in place and not dragging up along the blade. This looks aesthetically stunning as well. Such a traditional Japanese knife set is a great addition to your kitchen. Reducing the time and energy required to cut food items.

The red and grey combination of the blade, along with a lightweight, balanced body, makes for a complete package. Providing luxury and comfort at the same time. These razor-sharp blades are ice and heat-treated, making them a highly durable and long-lasting knife set.


  • Groove along the blade serves as a necessary feature for faster cutting.
  • Smooth handle grip provides lesser pain imparted on the wrist. Making it useful for longer kitchen cooking sessions.


  • This knife set misses a serrated blade which might upset some users from buying if you are in need of a serrated blade.


3. DFITO 5-Piece Japanese Knife Set

DFITO 5-Piece Japanese Knife Set

You cannot go wrong with a knife set that includes a meat cleaver. This is the charming bonus DFITO provides along with this 5-piece knife set. One of the best Japanese knife block set on this list because of its beautiful design and ultra-sharp edge blades.

Now you can cut through meat straight with a meat cleaver. Chop those vegetables and mince through those fruits like butter, all with the help of these multipurpose kitchen knives. Many professionals use Dfito because of its high carbon stainless steel blades. This provides coating against rust and scratches from use over time.

The dark red colored wooden handle provides for an excellent handling position. This makes sure you have the utmost pleasure while cutting. The perfect angle position is set automatically due to the handle composition, which allows near-zero wrist pain. This way, you can go on your chopping sessions with no worry whatsoever.

The groove strides help to make perfect slim slices for decoration and fillets. Handling the blades is a surreal experience as they have a near-perfect weight balance. No need to sharpen every time. Just rinse through water and dry them off with a clean cloth after each use. This will safeguard the integrity of the blades and avoid chipping in the long run.


  • Finely polished blades for the super-sharp cutting process.
  • Ideal weight balance provides for stable chopping sessions.
  • Inclusion of meat cleaver allows to chop and slice pieces of meat and vegetables with lightning speeds.


  • No holding box to holster these knives might cause some people to discomfort in storing.


4. Global 8-Piece Best Japanese Knife Set

Global 8-piece Knife Block Set

Setting the standard again with an 8-piece knife set includes a kitchen shear to the collection. The mesh handle provides airflow to the user causing less stress and effort while cutting. These carbon steel blades require little to nothing in terms of maintenance. Just rinse and clean with a cloth will keep the blade in pristine condition.

The balance handle grip flows with the blade metallic design makes for a stunning-looking blade. The functionality for chopping, mincing, and slicing is unlike any other knife set in the market. The serrated blade makes for meat cleaving easy due to its perfect weight balance.

Such ultra-thin bezel blades are held in a walnut wooden carved box in an inclined manner. Such storage allows for a quick-drying process. The blades themselves are forged with the highest quality Cromova 18 high carbon stainless steel. This makes them ideal and best choice for the fast chopping and cutting process.

Furthermore, the blades do not need regular sharpening, but instead, keeping them dry thoroughly after each use will increase their lifetime. Global also makes sure you have to put minimum pressure and let the knives do the heavy lifting. The pain of using these chef knives on the wrist is removed when you will be swinging these blades.


  • Chrome body makes for a professionally aesthetic-looking knife set.
  • Razor-sharp blades are provided with excellent weight balance.


  • The wooden walnut box might not be strong enough in its composition, as some users have reported having breaks in this wooden box.


5. Enso 7-Piece Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

Enso 7-Piece Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

Bringing you the best from the east, Enso offers a knife set like no other. The perfect holding capacity makes taking and putting the knife back inside the knife block a worry-free task. The inclusion of strong sheering scissors makes sure to let you know of their professional knife set series.

The blades are made from hammered Damascus steel, which delivers a sharp lifetime set of blades. Dual edging makes them razor-sharp from tip to toe. Whereas the handling mechanism allows for a strong grip, even for bigger hands, it sits perfectly.

This dual-edge blade makes it usable for people using the right or left hand, whichever you prefer. The choice of right or left hand use makes it a very special piece of knife stock. Along with this, the blades are crafted using premium quality VG-10 stainless steel for producing a hammered Damascus stunning blade.

For that reason, all the blades coming from Enso are handcrafted to achieve perfection and keep the tradition of Japanese blades. Whether you want to peel small items or slice them in half, the Enso knife set surely has a knife for that. Cleaning the blades with rinse and clean cloth drying regularly will increase the blade longevity over time.


  • Users with small hands can have a steady, firm grip.
  • The hammered design makes for overall super sharp blades with a premium quality strengthened blade.


  • Color fade is prominent after dishwashing is observed by some users.


6. Global Kabuto Japanese Knife Block Set

Global Kabuto Japanese Knife Block Set

A top-notch set of knives made from top class carbon stainless steel, with 7 pieces of versatile knives that’s a go-to for your kitchen culinary sets. These knives are forged in Japan with a lifetime warranty. It includes a set of 3-inch paring knives, a 4.5-inch utility knife, and a Nakiri vegetable knife with chef and bread knife.

A classic and beautiful acrylic block comes with full packaging for the protection and safety of the knives. Its handle is dimpled for the firm grip and provides perfect balancing while chopping.

The razor-sharp blade has a curved or rounded edge that glides through anything for their specifications. The block is composed of black plastic Kabuto which enhances the extraordinary look of the whole knife set.

The edges are ground specifically at a point with an acute angle which ends with the perfect sharpened knife. The Blade is composed of a mixture of molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium. The steel is made hard enough for the retention of the sharpness of the blade.

The handles are made to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, providing comfort and ease upfront.


  • It has been made with a fine ground razor-sharp edge.
  • Ice-tempered steel and Rockwell hardened.
  • Excellent for chopping, mincing, and slicing ingredients.


  • They start accumulating rust spots if kept long in moisture.


7. TUO Cutlery knives Fiery Series 8pcs Set

TUO Cutlery knives Fiery Series 8pcs Set

You might have been searching for the perfect knife set for chopping, gliding through the hard stuff with nice and neat cuts. Then you’re at the right spot. Coz we have handpicked one of the best Japanese knife set for your convenience, which is highly recommended.

You will find all the essentials knives in just a single set. Its the ergonomically designed with top carbon steel alloy made from the Pakkawood material perfect for your culinary collection. These knives are the most durable and reliable source for their users to earn their exceptional undoubtful trust.  

These knives are forged from the most wanted German stainless steel, the world-class material. The blade is specially forged in a calculated up-to date tech-vacuum heat treatment with nitrogen cryogenic tempering. The blade is made with cutting-edge razor-sharp technology, which can cut through anything that comes in contact with it.

The perfectly-balanced handle, with no expansion, crack-free, forged from the Pakkawood, is the extraordinary thing that’s added to the knives. It brings on the strong and firm handle with sturdy strength which won’t come off easily. 

This package includes Santoku knives, bread knife, paring knives, cleaver knives, and kitchen shear sharpeners with the wooden block; for their safety and protection and the low space kitchen shelves.  All the blades are made of forged stainless steel, which is an indicator.


  • Upgraded sturdy blades.
  • Razor-sharp, handy, and perfectly honed knives to last longer.


  • The block sometimes appeared with scratches on it.
  • You might need to hone the knives after a couple of uses.


8. Yaxell Mon 6 pcs Knife Set VG10 Stainless Steel Knives

Yaxell Mon 6 pcs Knife Set VG10 Stainless Steel Knives

Do your knives cause you wrist fatigue? Or do you have to apply much force while chopping, mincing, and slicing meat? We’ve come across many of such best Japanese knife set deals, but few of them have satisfied the needs.

We have handpicked top 3-multi layered superior stainless steel knives set that comes with a super razor edge that can literally make your money worth buying. This deal includes a utility knife, Santoku, chef’s, paring, bread knife, and a 5-slot Dark Ash Slim knife Block.

The blade’s core is forged from the 3 layered Japanese Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium, highly recommended and the most wanted stainless steel for your best Japanese knives set. Sand-blast finish blade with Katana swords` wave line structure could offer you an impressive outlook.

An ergonomic pair of chef`s tools with extraordinary sturdy designs is made from Black linen and canvas MI-carta fabric, not suitable for the dishwasher. You can hand wash this item with the Luke warm water and dry it with the soft towel right away. It helps in the longevity of your knifes`.


  • Polished and balanced knife set.
  • Razor aggressive and keen edged.


  • You have to be extremely careful with their soft alloy to avoid scratches.


9. YOSHIHIRO- Hammered Damascus 6PCS Chef Knife Set

YOSHIHIRO- Hammered Damascus 6PCS Chef Knife Set

A silver metal, forged from 16 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with VC-10 core perfectly well-balanced set of kitchen knives for your everyday use. These knives are extravagantly and beautifully carved from extraordinary material which has an exceptional quality. This set is inclusive of all the essential knives one could ever wish for in a single bundle. It comprises Gyuto Knife set, which is highly recommended, and an ergonomic designed go-to knife.

This package has a specified knife; a Sujihiki knife for slicing fish fillets to carving roasts. You all must have experienced a multi-purpose knife set, a well-balanced and our most favorite Santoku knife, which has a flatter profile specifically designed for your ease.

To slice and chop the thin fine vegetables with the sharply honed knife, the Nakiri knife is the perfect option for you. You can prepare the Salad with the fine chopping and slicing knives, giving you a professional vibe, just like sitting in the five-star restaurants.

The handles are well-balanced for the ease and comfort of your palm. It eliminates friction and a non-slippery material; even with wet hands, it gives you a firm grip.


  • You can sharpen the knife blades with the whetstones for the best results.
  • Weight in handles, giving you full control while chopping.
  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Non-slippery handles.
  • Made of Damascus steel Western Style handle incredibly sharp full tang well balanced.


  • For longevity, use extra care with the cleaning.
  • Hand washed only.


10. Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife

Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife

A starter set of two knives has been made from high-quality steel with an edge-cutting razor blade. Perfectly honed knife sets for the effortless slicing of food ingredients, whether raw meat or vegetables. They can cut right through the meat with a nice finishing with a superfast sharp edge.

They are made from a hard alloy which keeps them strong enough to stay sharp for long-term use. Their sharpness is achieved through honing them with the whetstone or ceramic sharpeners.

This set of a knife includes two Santoku knives known for their razor-sharp edge cutting sharpness. You can chop off any ingredients with their super-fast blades. These knives are a go-to for every chef, whether they are cutting a lump of meat or veggie.

This set of the knife is perfect for right-handed persons. Their blade is asymmetrical. You don’t need to apply or exert much force. You have to apply the blade onto the meat, and the fine chopped-off meat is waiting for you.

The edge of these knives is extremely versatile in its nature as it does provide you with a combination of sharpness and control. It allows you to mark thin slicing and straight cuts on the meat.


  • Well-balanced, control and sharp-edged knife set.
  • Perfect for right-handed users.


  • A minor gap appears to be present in between the shank and the handle.


What To Look For Before Buying A Japanese Knife Set?

When you are out shopping for a pair of knives, you might have some ideas about the type you will get in a limited, defined budget. For this reason, these knives set are the best option one could ever have.

These best Japanese knife sets are ergonomically designed, user-friendly, and have multiple purposes, from grinding or food to chopping, mincing, or even raw meat into simpler and fine pieces.

If you want to add a nice pair of knives into your culinary collection, look for suitable uniquely carved knives from the artisans or craftsmanship with the high-quality carbon stainless steel alloy. For chef’s the knives are their best partners in their kitchen life.


To get a razor-sharp-edged knife, look out for the material first. The material should be hard enough to withhold the sharpness of the blade. The thin blade would end up in pieces or won’t be able to cut through meat nicely. But with the ergonomic and sturdy blade, the knife could go on with the flow for much longer.

Their high-quality blades, forged into multiple layers of carbon steel core and refined by a softer iron alloy at the outer side. This material is perfect for handling and easy to maintain. Rust-resistant and corrosion-free alloy is suitable for the longevity of the knives.  


The blade’s sharp edge at one side, while the other is straight, allows the blade to cut through the frozen or raw meat precisely.


If your sight struck at some point where you feel like buying a knife for your cooking, you might want to hold it first. How does it feel? If it is lightly weighted, then look out for another one that requires less effort.  If your fingers get crossed in a way that they awkwardly bump into each other, then that’s not suitable for you.


The too-long or too short blade might give you trouble in handling the knife while chopping. It would help if you looked out for the more well-balanced and stable knife with the average blade.


If the bolster is strong enough to hold the weight of knives in a well-balanced way, then get that knife right away before someone else chooses it.

Overall the knife must feel like it’s perfect for your hands and for the purpose for which you are buying it. If the design and the quality look fancy, but with the high-quality steel alloy, then it is perfect for your collection.


1. Are Japanese knives worth it?

These lives are a bit expensive as they add extra quality to your cooking skills. These knives could make all the differences between Gyuto and other knives as well. They can perform higher quality cuts with every food they contact with their razor-sharp blades.

They have been uniquely crafted through high carbon steel alloy, making them outstanding in the market with high demand. They are uniquely forged with rough stretching.

2. Why are Japanese knives so good?

They are forged from high carbon stainless steel with 16 layers of vacuum heating it is then forged into perfectly designed blades with one straight end.  Ergonomically designed Japanese knives for beginners, knife sets can be sharpened with the ceramic whetstone into a fine blade due to its hardening and high tampering.

3. Are German or Japanese knives better?

You can say both of them are perfectly safe for you and for your purpose as they are forged from high-quality carbon steel and are designed ergonomically according to users’ demands.

Certain differences conclude as the Japanese knives are prone to chipping, whereas the German knives are a bit more aggressive because of their weight and thickness of the blade. By looking at one angle at a time, with the German blades, sharpness comes with longevity and high quality, whereas Japanese knives somewhat lack this quality.

4. Why are Japanese knives expensive?

They are mainly a bit expensive as compared to others due to their unique features. They are forged with high craftsmanship and with high-quality material. They have more flexibility, razor-sharp edge, strong bolster, and a longer span of use with beautiful carvings.

5. What is the best sharpening angle?

For the Japanese knives, the best angle is about 15 degrees.

It would be best if you chose a suitable sharpener for that purpose.

Final Verdict

Along with these knife sets, you are receiving somewhat part of Japanese tradition, which shows their craftsmanship over centuries. The ones listed here are the best Japanese knives set out of millions mainly because they provide the quality along with sharp blades.

A knife set should cover all aspects as we have listed above. Many fall into what some might consider buying, while there are other knife sets too where they are not recommended. That is because you only have to invest once.

Getting a knife set from a quality brand should be your top priority. This way, you will be able to recommend a good product to others. The knowledge we provide here should give you a rough estimate of how these products are ranked. Therefore always try to make a knowledge-based decision.

Having a Japanese knife set in your arsenal that cuts really well is our main task. To provide you with a list of the best Japanese kitchen knife set you can set in your home and make great food in no time.

That is it from our end; if you like our expert opinion, do let us know as we try our level best to bring you the latest and honest product reviews. What are your thoughts on these knives? Did you like any, or did we miss any one of your favorites? Make sure to let us know so we may add some in the future. Until next time, cheers and keep cutting.

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