Best Japanese Whetstone

The Best Japanese Whetstone

Blunt knives are a kitchen disaster. After prolonged use of the knives, you will notice the dullness of your blade as you know that they need to be sharpened again. For this purpose, various whetstones may offer you the solution for a perfectly honed razor-sharp blade.

You might have come across many options on the internet; for that reason, we have compiled a list of the best Japanese whetstones in the market. And without further ado, let’s get started.

These stones are available in different grit sizes, and these grit sizes are given as numbers. A higher number denotes a higher density that leads to a finer finish of a polished object’s surface. The Japanese used natural sharpening stones lubricated with water.

Grit size refers to the smoothness produced by the sharpening stone. The grit size depends upon different factors, i.e., the shape of the particles, how each particle is exposed by a binder, the larger particles are fractured into smaller ones by polishing and grinding, the hardness of particles, and chemical composition of particles. 

Here`s the list of the best Japanese Whetstones which you might find informative;

Best Japanese Whetstone

1. Ha no, Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone

Ha no, Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone

The Japanese Whetstone is a medium grinding wheel. This grinding wheel is one-sided with different grit numbers. It is convenient as a rough and medium grinding stone. This stone has a good edge. Since the polishing power of this sharpener is excellent, there is no feeling of slipperiness, and easy to carry.

Being a ceramic whetstone makes it the best Japanese Whetstone in its category. With minimal design, it does the job well in terms of whetstone work. You can use this one to fix chips on your dull knives. This diamond grinding whetstone is best for beginners.

This variation in grit sizes sharpens the tools. These tools allow you to remove the old material and a small number of sizes with finer materials and a large number of sizes. This stone is a high-quality manufacturer in Japan. They are very consistent, and their performance is high quality.


  • Requires the least amount of maintenance.
  • Solid ceramics help sharpen all kinds of knives.
  • The long-lasting, razor-sharp blade at the end of each session.


  • No difference marking of grit makes unidentifiable grinding sessions which may be hard for some blades and thus damage these knives.


2. Naniwa 1000 Grit Ceramic Whetstone

Naniwa 1000 Grit Ceramic Whetstone

This sharpening stone is a premium sharpening stone. Because of that, the stone is highly demanded by its sharpness, speedy polish, and ultra-sharp edge producing Whetstone. The holding surface of this stone is elastic that keeps the tools from sliding when sharpening knives and blades. While making this stone, Naniwa provided complete instruction and care so that beginners may understand it easily.

The stone is mostly lubricated by water. The minimalistic design makes up for razor-sharp sharpening knives. You can use this for almost all kinds of kitchen knives at your home. All the while keeping its integrity and grit material from chipping.  

The thickness makes sure you have enough grinding and sharpening base for your knives. This is considered the best Japanese sharpening stone for its price point. The absorbent pads allow you a no wobbly sharpening experience. That is the reason it is loved by so many people.


  • Absorbent pads at the bottom stick to the marble floor, which allows for no movement while sharpening blades.
  • Each stroke on this sharpener makes a lot of difference.
  • Ergonomic design with little maintenance.


  • Not polished enough to provide polishing to your blade.


3. King 1000/6000 Grit Combination whetstone

King 1000/6000 Grit Combination whetstone

The plastic holding case for this Whetstone shows the tradition of Japan in their product. At the same time, the base is also made of plastic with rubber pads at the bottom to provide no moving sessions of sharpening your blades. Don’t be fooled with their simple design as King has un-parallel raw sharpening capabilities.  

It is highly recommended Whetstone on the basis of its quality and affordability. The crafting is handmade and made up of ceramic which is known for its strength and durability. This stone only needs water and soaked for five to ten minutes before use. This Whetstone is very much loved on kitchen counters and very convenient because of its double side.

To start the process, soak the 1000 grit side in water before every use and start sharpening. After you are done with this stone, wipe with the dry towel and left at room temperature. If for some reason, the performance of the Whetstone is getting down, you can always clean it with the rust eraser or a flattening plate provided along with this bundle.


  • With the proper angle, you can sharpen your blades in no time.
  • No need to water all the time. Only cleaning after each use.


  • The simple design may put off some people before even trying it out.


4. Knife Planet Sharpening Whetstone

Knife Planet Sharpening Whetstone

This stone has a safe knife sharpener. The stone sharpens all kinds of knives and is made with alumina oxide, which is known for its strength. Dull knives are difficult to use for chopping, slicing, etc., but this sharpening set makes the knives cut meat, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc., with ease. This makes the stone flawless in use.

These stones are softer and create a sharp cutting edge quickly. These stones are made up of natural and artificial stones. The artificial stones are composed of ceramic silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. These stones provide a faster cutting action than normal stones. The advantage of these stones is that they remove a lot of material and work faster than normal stones.

It has two double-stone knife sharpeners and four grit at the edge of the blade. Two non-slip rubber bases and a bamboo stone holder in every knife for safety purposes. Whenever you want razor-sharp blades, use knife planet whetstone.


  • Multiple grits for multiple blade requirements.
  • Flatting stone allows the blades with a damaged tip to be reshaped again.


  • Each grit requires a different angle for sharpening.


5. Culinary Obsession 2-Sided Whetstone

Culinary Obsession 2-Sided Whetstone

This knife set is made with professional-grade aluminum oxide, and its sharpening quality is known to be the best Japanese sharpening stone in all of Japan. The Whetstone requires to be soaked in water, and no oiling is required for keeping it in good shape. You can sharpen any kind of blade on it, e.g., kitchen knives, scissors, swords, etc.

 This kit includes a two-sided knife sharpener with a non-slip silicon holder and a non-slip base.  The wide sharpening system will keep the knives razor-sharp so that no one can get frustrated and hurt themselves. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the guiding grit numbers allow for a smooth and sharp blade experience.

If you are still having trouble, the guiding clip allows for providing the perfect angle for your blade to be sharpened to extreme measures. The bamboo base is excellent in terms of holding the Whetstone whenever a blade is being sharpened. Using little effort and resulting in a prestige sharpened blade is the goal of Culinary Obsession.


  • Sharpen all kinds of knives though it is hunting or even pocket knives.
  • The big structure makes big blade sharpening sessions relatively easy.


  • The simple instruction manual does not notify you about the strong 6000 grit side as it can eas chip away your soft blades,


6. Kota Japan Diamond whetstone

Kota Japan Diamond whetstone

It is the combination of dual-sided whetstones, i.e., 3000-8000. This stone is a knife sharpening stone used for sharpening and fine polishing stone. It has an adjustable bamboo holder base and has a precision blade guide. This stone is a Japanese natural stone with a highly polished edge and needs to be resurfaced to a flat state after use.

The bamboo holder makes for a great holding option and provides resistance to the floor to avoid moving. The color combination allows for a clear view of the blade’s sharpening result all the time. You can use either side to sharpen your knife set one after the other.

Kota Japan also provides beautiful polish and honing your blade facilities. In comparison. You get precision-controlled guiding at all times during the process. The Whetstone also is brittle enough not to chip away after long use.

Drying the Whetstone is a necessary part of keeping the integrity of your sharpener. Kota Japan came up with an ingenious method to let the user dry their sharpener inside the bamboo box so that when it drips, the bamboo absorbs all and does not cause any water spill.


  • You can soak it for less time in the water. Making it readily available in 15-20 minutes for sharpening.
  • The grit distribution allows for the user to start with lower and move to higher grits, thus keeping the durability of your blade for a long time.


  • No instruction manual is provided for new entrants using a traditional whetstone.


7. Grocery Art Dual Sided Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Grocery Art Dual Sided Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Becoming a pro at knife sharpening is a tedious task, which is why Grocery Art has made it easier for you to distributing grits on both sides of the Whetstone. This also needs a strong holder, which they happily provide along. The simple and easy design convention makes for a really sharp blade in no time.

Whether you need to polish your blade or sharpen it, you can use this Whetstone as it requires no special water while sharpening. Just soak and start grinding. Numbering the grits makes it easier for a beginner and knows where to start. The simple yet effective kit for providing professional sharpening in one complete package.

This Whetstone is a complete knife sharpening set, and a polishing set is present in one kit. A two-sided whetstone and bamboo base for holding a water stone with a sharpening angle guide. The bamboo base has a rubber seal which makes the inside reliable and guides the blade sharpening process.

The Whetstone sharpens the blades with sleek and polishes them in the process. Such a simple and easy device for beginners. Just water is needed. No oil is needed for soaking. It protects the kitchen knives from any possible damage. Thus making it a necessary item in your kitchen.


  • A safe and simple design makes it a must-have for sharpening.
  • The bamboo holder keeps the Whetstone in one place.
  • The high-end product for a low price.


  • Cannot sharpen serrated knives on this makes it an uncomfortable buy for some users with multiple different types of blades.


8. Kai 1000-grit Sided Whetstone

Kai 1000-grit Sided Whetstone

Keeping up with a traditional Japanese knife sharpener look, you have perfect 1000/6000 combo grade stones for sharpening your knife. This is considered an ideal measure for a whetstone. As a result, you will be getting a 1000 grit combo from this Whetstone for razor-sharp blades after use.

It is an authentic Japanese Whetstone. It has the finest medium grey grit on one side and the lower grade grit on the other side. This stone is used for most types of kitchen knives, such as fruit and sushi knives. That is why this Whetstone is recommended by many professional chefs for the sharpness of knives. This stone also sharpens the weaponry collection of swords and Kama etc.

The simplicity of design allows for great razor-sharp blades at the end of the sharpening session. The rough side can grind off the rough edges, while the smooth side will sharpen up the edges of the blade.


  • Maintenance is very low, maybe once a month within ten minutes.
  • You get Sharp blades even when you are learning how to sharpen those knives.


  • The instruction manual comes in Japanese, not English which causes problems for the user.


9. Suehiro Japanese 2-Sided Whetstone

Suehiro Japanese 2-Sided Whetstone

This Whetstone is manufactured by one of the finest sharpenings manufactures in Japan named Suehiro. One side, i.e., 1000 grit, is for sharpening, and the other side, i.e., 3000, is for finishing. It has a sharp edge for clean sharpening, and a non-slip rubber base is included with the stone.

It is a compact stone that deals with small knives, scissors and hobby knives, etc. this Whetstone is a great choice for those who value the probability, such as fishermen. The dual-sided Whetstone provides for an all-in-one package for polished and sharp knives. Whether you have a small or a big knife, you can do it freely due to its big size.

A top quality brand is producing the best Japanese sharpening stone in japan and now all over the world. You will not find any other whetstone because it requires only 10 minutes in water before use. This is its quick sharpening ability which everyone loves. Many professional chefs prefer to use this Whetstone, mainly due to its built quality and resulting razor-sharp blades.


  • A top-quality brand from Japan makes it a must-buy.
  • Recommended by most professional chefs teaches people the best Whetstone.
  • Big dual-sided grits allow for the majority of blades to be sharpened.


  • After some time, the grit labeling can come off after soaking in water, so make sure to write it down somewhere else.


10. Mizu Premium whetstone

Mizu Premium whetstone

Some of the best Japanese whetstones are saved for the last. That is what we are showing you here. This is a classic whetstone crafted by experienced knife makers for sharpening knives. It is the double-sided sharpening stone 1000 grit. You are set at the duller side of the edge, and 6000 grit is exceptionally fine.

The adjustable side of the blade allows all types of blades to sharpen. It includes a bamboo tray with a non-slip base to ensure safety measures while sharpening. It includes the angular guide for beginners to tune their sharpening skills. This Whetstone is sealed in a beautiful pattern box having sharp knives in it.

This can be a great gift for someone who desperately needs a Japanese whetstone to sharpen their knives. The grit labels allow novice users to understand how to sharpen and how to polish in no time.


  • The bamboo base does not allow any moving whatsoever the pressure is applied.
  • Any knife, blade, hunting knife can be sharpened to your need with little pressure needed.


  • Grinding the blade can create uneven chips on the blade; thus, smoothing the blade is required.


 What to look at before buying the best Japanese Whetstone?

There are many kinds of knife sharpeners. A best Japanese whetstone has rectangular stones which use oil and water for sharpening the surface. Some people prefer most synthetic whetstones, while some people prefer natural stones. Thus, the Japanese Whetstone will take several passes before the knife is completely sharp.

All knife sharpeners have various levels of grit. The level of grit depends on how much metal is taken off from the knife while sharpening. The coarse grit is used on a damaged knife that has chips and nicks and is labeled as less than 1000grit Whetstone. Medium grit sharpens the dull knives that are not damaged, and they are 1000 to 3000 grit. Fine grit refines the knife edge and is between 4000 to 8000 grit.

All knife sharpeners sharpen the knives, but time matters a lot. Some knife sharpeners perform their jobs quickly than others. Professional chefs spend 5 minutes on each knife by running it up and down. So consider the time while choosing the whetstones because now a day’s people prefer the things that take less time to complete their tasks.

Price is the main thing that people prefer. Whetstone prices vary, so consider the budget and buy the best and high rated whetstone sharpeners within your price range.


1. Is 1000 grit whetstone enough?

A 1000 grit whetstone is enough and going to be pretty good for most knives. It is useful for getting a great fine edge. It has a surprisingly polished edge with proper using techniques that removes steel fast from relatively dull knives. Such grit is enough for kitchen knives and blades.

2. What grit whetstone should I buy?

Whetstones vary in different ranges of grits. For dull knives, it can be useful to get whetstones from 120 – 400 while. Most professionals recommended whetstones which are 120 – 240 grit. For normal sharpening of knives, whetstones from 200 – 7000 grit are useful, whereas 4000 – 8000 grit are useful to redo the knife edge.

3. How often should I use the Whetstone?

This depends on the grit of the Whetstone. Once in a week, it is good to maintain the whetstones and knives well sharp. It is not necessary you need to hit the knife thousands count every week. Otherwise, the blade will be worn down quickly.

4. How long should you soak a whetstone?

Japanese whetstones must be soaked before use. Five minutes are necessary to soak the whetstones in water. The extra time will not damage the Whetstone. Most whetstones are needed to be soaked for few minutes before use so that they take water along for a smooth sharpening experience.

5. What to dry a whetstone after use?

It is necessary to wash the whetstones with water after use. Remove the access material from the stones. After washing the whetstones, dry them off with a cloth and let the stones dry. This will keep the integrity of the Whetstone and will last you a very long time.

Final Verdict

The Japanese whetstones are a block of stones that sharpens knives and polish them. They vary in different grit that refers to the size of grit particles in the stone. These stones are versatile as people can use them to sharpen many sharp tools, not only knives. These stones can be used to perform a variety of tasks for sharpening and polishing the knives.

The whetstones are suitable for not only Japan but anywhere in the world. Japanese stones are the best whetstones for sharpening Japanese knives. There is no need to buy the expensive oils before use.

The smooth whetstones are not suitable for sharpening the knives as they are intended for buffing and polishing. The medium whetstones are very good for general sharpening. This is the best way to sharpen the dull knives to get rid of chips.

If the blade is very dull, then start with the rough stone first. On the other hand, the medium grit stone is the best choice for general sharpening. If a rough stone has left scratches on the blade, use the smooth side of the stone to polish the blade. These stones get into the rhythm and are easy to use. Thus Japanese whetstones sharpen the knives easily within just a few minutes.   

Single grit stone is used for a specific purpose depending upon the grade. Different types of grits are bought for sharpening and polishing knives and tools. On the other hand, the multifunctional, i.e., two-sided or whetstones complete kits, combines the different grits in one hand sharpening tool. These stones will take fewer storage spaces than buying single grit stones.

Before using, the stones are soaked in water for 5 – 10 minutes in water. After the stones are removed from the water, splash them with a little water. Set the position and hold the knife at some proper angle across the stone. Use the leather strop or towel to clean the blade.

Therefore get a whetstone that is able to sharpen all different kinds of knives in your kitchen.

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