Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

You might think it’s impossible to find a perfect knife under $100. We have seen so many options with the different speculations but found just a little of the best quality knives. There are quite a few of the best kitchen knives for your household.

We have found some of the best knives for just under $100 to make your life simple and easy. These are the few budget picks, best knife sets under 100 for the year 2021. These knives are perfectly designed with nice sturdy ergonomic designs for just under $100.

These are high-quality knives with standardized specs, perfect for your culinary collection. You can gather much knowledge here if you are looking for the perfect knife for your kitchen.

These are low budgeted knives, which are made from razor-sharp edge cutting technology. That said, we have got you at the right market according to your preferences. You’ll get surprised by what you can get at this budget.

Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

1. Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet Knife

Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet Knife

A classic white-colored knife made from stainless steel perfect for your kitchen utensils. It comes in a set of 8 knives that you can get as low budgeted as under $100. It has a sharpened razor-edged blade.

Its blade is forged from stainless steel with high-quality carbon. It has a durable bolster that comes with extra-safety measures for perfect control and stability.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and offers you a high-quality razor-sharp blade with multiple knives. This package is also inclusive of the beautiful and classy block for the knives. These blades can cut through anything due to their extraordinary blades.

These blades are then refined into a nice and sharp edge for gliding the ingredients. The blades go narrow down with the sharp stream, gives you perfect control. This knife set has well-balanced knife chops down the ingredients with ease.

Highly recommended by the users, and it will be highly addictive once you’ve used it. This is one kind that gives you the luxury of gliding through meat super easy, with proper fine chopping.


  • Gives you well-balanced blade control.
  • Durable stability.
  • Comes with a wooden block.
  • Aesthetically pleasing knives.
  • This set is also inclusive of a sharpener.


  • These knives go rust over time if you put them in the dishwasher.


2. Kitchen Aid KKFSS14BO Classic Knife

Kitchen Aid KKFSS14BO Classic Knife

A high-quality knife set made from stainless steel. These are the best knife set under 100. A nice and sturdy knife set is stunning and an enduring knife set with versatility with edge-cutting technology.

The wooden block in the full package includes a knife sharpener as well. It includes the slicer, santoku knife, and utility and high-quality carbon steel—the perfect knife set with optimal performance.

You can also hone this knife with the sharpener, which makes your blade razor-sharp. This will also save you from the blunt-edged blade’s pain. It also includes 3 piece starter set, steak knife set, santoku knife, chef knife, paring knife, serrated knife, kitchen shears, and serrated utility knife on a small budget that will drive you mad.

The ergonomically designed knife set for your kitchen utensils could come in handy at an economical price. You can also get a Bamboo wooden block designed according to the user’s demand with a perfect angle. 


  • This package includes 14 pieces of knife set; each one of them has specific functions.
  • Inclusive of 600 grit sharpener.
  • Dishwasher safe knife set
  • Versatile knives of all times
  • Multi-purpose kitchen tool
  • Doesn’t rust


  • You might need to hone the knives after a couple of uses.


3. McCook MC21 Knife Sets (German Stainless Steel Knife)

McCook MC21 Knife Sets

The best kitchen knife sets under 100 you can ever find with the high-quality German knife set. It comes in fascinating black color. You can get this bundle in the most budgeted package, which is inclusive of 15 knives comes with versatility.

This block knife set is designed according to the user’s choice. You can chop multiple ingredients with the perfect selection of knives from this set. It also comes with the in-slot sharpener, which allows you to hone the knives whenever you need them.

This set offers you a variety of knives, with optimum sharpness and stronghold bolster. It has a complete set from which you can cut, slice, chop, and mince food.

It includes the chef knife, slicing knife, santoku knife, serrated utility knife, paring knives, steak knife, kitchen shears, and knife block with an in-slot sharpener. This ergonomically designed perfect bundle offers you durability and razor-sharp blades under just $100.


  • Super sharp knives
  • Built-in sharpener
  • Cost-effective
  • Stainless razor-sharp blades


  • Not safe for dishwasher use


4. Amazon Basics Premium Kitchen Knife Block Set

Amazon Basics Premium Kitchen Knife Block Set

Black-colored, elegant, and classy block knife set under $100 worth buying for. We have reviewed this item which gives immense pleasure to its users offering versatility in its specs. It can ease tour miserable kitchen experiences as it is cost-effective as well as time-effective.

Hardwood block comes along with the knives for the safety and protection of the knives. Its edge-cutting design is ensured with its lasting durability keeping in mind the comfort of users.

These knives should be hand washed only to avoid rusting by keeping them away from the dishwasher. They offer you the best functions that any other high-quality set could do. Get this block knife set under only $100, and you’ll love them.


  • Perfectly honed and razor-sharp blades.
  • Chop through anything which comes in contact with the blade.
  • Strong bolster with high-quality stainless steel.


  • Steak knives are a bit weak as compared to others.
  • These knives (steak knives) shred the meat when the grain is being cut.


5. Master Maison 19-Piece Knife Set

Master Maison 19-Piece Knife Set

Master Maison has been a game-changer for the knife set industry. Where you are getting a 19-piece set of premium quality stainless steel knives, along with this, you can rest assured of the sharpness of every blade to the extreme—each with unique handling and cutting style of their own.

Their knife set series has different types of knives for different everyday needs. Such can be cutting steak, chopping vegetables, and more. You are getting eight steak knives, a bread cutting knife, sharpening a knife, a carving knife, and much more. The precise cutting knives are also in the bunch, making it a complete package.

Getting a quality culinary set at such an amazing price is hard to pass on as we know that great knives are worth investing and there’s no perfect kitchen without the quality knives in it.

To hold those master chefs’ culinary, you are also getting a custom wooden block to hold the blazing sharp power of these knives all in one place, in reach of your palm.


  • Knives get completely dry after placed in a wooden block due to water drainage at each knife holder’s ends. Thus keeping your blades sharp for every time use.
  • A sharpener, a wooden block to hold the knives, and an elegant sharp knife with different use variations.


  • Washing in the dishwasher can make these blades eventually dull.


6. AILUKI 18-Piece White Knife Set

AILUKI 18-Piece White Knife Set

In terms of design, Ailuki takes the lead due to its full white tang body with a matching handle. In comparison, the blades are made of German stainless steel infused with high carbon polymer. This gives each blade a super-fine cutting edge with a relative amount of weight.

While holding the best knife set under $100, the handle and knife all feel like premium quality kitchen knives. These high-resistant blades are long last than your average steel knives. With meat shredder claws to a cleaning cloth, your white tiger blades will make your cuts fast but silent.

To hold them, Ailuki has provided a block to hold these different-sized blades too. The full tang body to handle feels like holding a sword. You can use it to make deep cuts; others can make slim meat cuts while others can shred your fruits and vegetables. Thus fulfilling every gap in a kitchen cook arsenal of knives.


  • Meat shredder addition helps in making tasks easy for knives.
  • Full-tang blade with handle provides an upmost stronger grip.


  • A little heavyweight can cause the wooden block to tilt forward and fall. Therefore caution is recommended when placing in the wooden storage.


7. Alltripal 18-Piece Professional Knife Set

Alltripal 18-Piece Professional Knife Set

Alltripal aimed to provide a stylish-looking knife with sharpness and agility to rival top knives. They delivered with more than expected. A complete set of 6 steak knives, sharpening tool, pakkawood mahogany-colored handle and knife for chopping at speeds and a knife for meat cleaving and many more operations, you name it.

It is all possible with German engineering at its core. The chrome addition with stainless steel makes these blades cut at lightning speeds while giving a steady grip to the user. These ergonomic blades have ultra-durability when applied pressure and do not bend. Even a knife of peeling fruits and vegetables can be found in the bunch.

These knives are small and lightweight to help the user feel like swinging through the air. Keeping your blades sharper with every use with a sharpener. Hold them in a holding block, provided. Thus slicing and dicing through kitchen tasks could never be simple as this knife set from Ailuki.


  • Never rust because of X50 German stainless steel.
  • Really sharp steak knives make a great accessory for steak lovers.


  • The knife handle and tang have space in between, which may cause the blade to loosen up after some time.


8. HENCKELS 7-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set

HENCKELS 7-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set

Making history with hoarding the best quality chef knives comes to another 7-piece knife set with self-sharpening capabilities. The length of these blades varies, which makes them ideal for different tasks in the kitchen. A shearing knife helps in mincing the vegetables, while a Santoku knife can cut with extreme accuracy.

The storage block acts as a self-sharpening tool for these razor-sharp stainless steel blades. Even the placement of every knife is marked so that you get the correct one every time. This helps a lot in a chef’s kitchen where you need very sharp blades at lightning speeds all the time.

The aesthetic look and feel of holding a Henckel blade are un-matched. Even favorite of Gordon Ramsey, you cannot have your kitchen décor without this knife set. Recommended as the best knife block set under 100.


  • Self-sharpening knife block set.
  • The variable blade length of each blade is beneficial for different tasks.


  • Discolorations of the blade after used on wet food items.


9. Enjoy 16-Piece Professional Knife Set

Enjoy 16-Piece Professional Knife Set

According to some, a knife set is incomplete without a carving fork. That is what Emojoy brings to the table. Along with stylish-looking blades and wooden blocks, you receive a variable set of steak, slice, and mincing knives. All under one knife set.

These ergonomic and durable blades are made of stainless steel and chrome coating to strengthen the blades. The tang is infused with an oak wood handle to provide reliable cutting power. Sliding the knife from the block is sleek, and silent wiz sound tells the user to have a professional knife cutting experience.

The minimalistic design delivers un-parallel slicing and cutting power than others in this category. You never know where the blade ends, and the handle starts. Due to its heavyweight balance, the knives fall automatically on the product, and you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Don’t worry; the food will not come along upwards due to stunning strides along the blade.


  • Wooden block keeps the blade closer and takes minimal counter space in your kitchen.
  • Germans X50CR stainless steel used for making these knives show the strength of each blade.


  • You cannot wash them in a dishwasher because it might dull these blades over time.


What To Look For Before Buying A Knife Set Under 100?

Look out for the construction quality of the blade you previously owned. This will show you what the blade is made out of, and is it the right fit for you? Any past or present experience can give a lot of detail before investing in a knife set.

Determine what you want from a knife set. If you are a steak person, you need a knife set that holds steak knives of different sizes. In comparison, you want a sharpening tool along, and you get a knife set with self-sharpening abilities.

Find a knife set that has a good quality wooden block to hold the knives. Why? Because you will not be in the kitchen 24/7 and not holding all the knives in your hand. It would be best if you had a block that can hold all these blades and does not fall when you leave the kitchen.

Some people have reported having really sharp and cutting edge knives but devastated with the wooden block because these knives were either too heavy or too light for the block to hold, so keep these tips in mind before you go on buying, and you will get a great deal.

Check the knife’s quality by holding it in your hands; if it feels lightweight and you feel comfortable holding it, it is the perfect choice for your culinary collection. The price worth buying will give you immense pleasure by using it slicing your food through nice and clean cuts.

You can make your best meal with finely chopped Salad, vegetables, or Asian deserts with finely chopped dry fruits, BBQ with grilled and perfectly minced meat with a pair of best knives. All of this is possible if you have perfectly sharpened knives with fine edges.

Knives come in different shapes, Chef Knives, serrated knives, paring knives, which come in different lengths. The serrated knife is about 9-10 inches long, whereas the paring knife is about 2-4 inches long and last but not least, our most commonly used knife, i.e., chef knife, is about 5-10 inches long. Hold any of these knives, with motion, you can feel their weight, and with few cuts, you can also check their edges. 

Before getting any random set of knives, always check for what you want to do with your new knife. What type of food do you want to cook? What kind of fruits or meat do you want to chop off? All these factors must be checked before going out shopping for a knife.


1. What is a good inexpensive knife set?

A good one would be having all the items listed above and have a reasonable price. Please do not go for dirt cheap ones, as they might be replicas. Go for the brands as they provide reliable and strong blades for a normal price.

As for our recommendation, you can get the Henckels knife set as it includes a self-sharper wooden block to keep your blades sharp every time.

2. How much should a good knife set cost?

A good knife set must have all the above items with the best quality from a reputable brand at a price of less than $100. Because you might be starting and need knives more than one so charging a hefty price is not ideal.

You should compare your top three choices’ prices and get the one that you are positive is a reasonable price. To know that, consider yourself selling that product and ask yourself, how much would I charge for something like this? And you would get your answer.

3. What type of knives should I expect in a knife set?

A typical knife set has to have knives for steak, butcher, peeling, spreading, shredding, and more. These are the essential items in a knife set. There can be other items also included, like sharpening tools, but the basics should be there. Sharp and durable should be your utmost priority.

4. What knife set do chefs recommend?

Professional chefs have their own way of cutting. Thus their preference also varies. With that said, Gordon Ramsey preferred knife set is from Henckels. That is because you get a premium quality knife set from a world-class brand which specializes in making knives for over 20 years.

5. Does the dishwasher wash away the warranty?

gThe dishwasher actually accelerates the rusting of steel alloy by tearing off the blades’ surface protective layer. It has been highly emphasized upon the washing of blades with the hands. Otherwise, you will need to hone the knives more than usual. This will cause you great discomfort in the long run.

6. How to hone these knives?

The perfect way to hone these knives is to use a ceramic knife sharpener. You can get these sharpeners from Amazon or any other reliable source.

Final Verdict

For the chefs, knives are their best companions all the way they chop, mince, grind and slice their ingredients with perfectly nice and sturdy cuts. You can get the best knife set under 100 by going through a lot of research.

That being said, we have handpicked some of the best low budgeted but high-quality knife sets for your perfect culinary collection. You can buy one of these, and you’ll feel the difference among others who have gone rusted in a short time.

These knife sets are well-balanced and come with the Bamboo wooden block, which protects your knife set. You can also hone your knives with an in-spot sharpener. This combo is affordable and within your range to keep you going.

The best and highly rated knives in just one deal we’ve tested and at different price rates. All these sets are inclusive of basic essential knives and usable extras.

That said, you will also need a wooden block that protects your knife set, especially space-saving, and protects your hand too. When you touch the knives unconsciously, you’ll get a blunt cut, but putting in a block might save you from this pain.  

The storage blocks have the ability to hone your knives whenever you put your knives in them or take them out. This causes friction against the sharpeners, which keeps them sturdy and sharpened.

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