Does your brand of tortilla press not give you the exact size of tortillas you want? Is it unable to make evenly rounded tortillas with the same level of consistency every time? Then your days of dissatisfaction are over. We know your struggle and discomfort, so we have prepared a list of reviews for you.

Most brands on the market can’t live up to their promises and can often mislead you. So, to make sure you don’t make the wrong decision, we have handpicked the 5 best tortilla makers that will give you a run for your money. Make sure you browse through all their different features before picking the one for you.

5 Best Tortilla Maker Reviews

In this day and age, it can be daunting to make any shopping decision without conducting enough research. Fortunately, to make your job easier, we have done the research for you and picked the best ones available in the market.

1. Victoria 8 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

We start off this list of reviews with this 8-inch tortilla press fully made of cast iron. This product is carefully manufactured by experts from all the way in Columbia. Cast iron is considered the best material for kitchen items due to their heavy-duty usage. It’s very durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

This heavy-duty cast iron tortilla press will provide you with evenly pressed tortillas no matter how many times you use it. The intense weight of the cast iron is enough to make sure each tortilla is pressed evenly. You will surely be satisfied with every tortilla you make with this tortilla press.

With this product, you can not only make tortillas but also press different types of Mexican flatbreads. What makes this one of the best is its sheer consistency, which can be noticed with each tortilla you press. There is also an extra screw that keeps the press in a fixed place while you do your job.

This screw in the lever makes sure each tortilla is perfectly thin and consistent. It is of utmost importance if you’re a chef at a Mexican restaurant and want the perfect tortilla for your tacos. The cast-iron plates were also manufactured in such a way that pinching is not an issue.

Also, this restaurant-quality press is low maintenance and can be cleaned easily and within a short time. The cast iron is also seasoned at high temperatures with natural flaxseed oil. This is one of the best tortilla presses for DIY enthusiasts who are learning on the job.

Each model comes with a specific set of instructions for getting the best out of the press.


  • Made of cast iron
  • Makes consistent flatbreads
  • Seasoned at high temperatures
  • User instructions included
  • Superior durability


  • Takes a while to get the hang of it

2.  HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 Tortilla Press

Next up on this list, we have this renowned tortilla press recommended by professionals all around the globe. This is a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for making the perfect 6-inch tortillas for your tacos. Unlike other products of its kind, this is a heavyweight aluminum tortilla press.

This makes sure that each of the tortillas or flatbreads you make is evenly pressed and have a constant thickness. As you might know, aluminum is highly resistant to rusting. Hence, this tortilla press tends to resist a long duration of heavy-duty usage on a daily basis, and still provide impressive results.

What makes this one of the best tortilla makers is how effortless it is to use this product. This is because of the sturdy handle that gives the user a lot more leverage than the usual tortilla press. It not only contributes to its durability but also ensures that you get consistently thin tortillas for your tacos.

Apart from tortillas, you can also press other types of flatbreads such as Moo Shu pancakes, pita bread, roti, tart shells, and much more. This is an extremely versatile tortilla maker that can surely boost your cooking skills. With the detailed set of instructions, you can even teach your kids to press the dough to perfection.

Moreover, due to the effortless operation, the learning experience is also more fun than usual. This versatile model will let you make all kinds of tortillas, whether it’s whole grain, low carb, or even gluten-free tortillas. The provided plastic wrap also makes sure the dough doesn’t stick to the press.


  • Heavyweight aluminum tortilla press
  • Sturdy handle for better leverage
  • Easy to use
  • Makes different types of tortillas
  • Plastics wraps included


  • Very lightweight

3. Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The best thing about this next item is that it comes with 100 pieces of parchment paper. This reduces the hassle of cleaning the tortilla press ten times! It’s one of the best cast iron tortilla makers on the market, and there are several features that can prove its worth.

First of all, it’s made of a high-grade cast iron that makes it one of the most durable tortillas presses out there. It is said that this tortilla press is so durable and sturdy that it can last you a lifetime! Also, it’s highly resistant to rust, so you can rely on its efficiency several days after its purchase.

Despite its heavyweight, it has a sleek and leveled design that makes it look more appealing than others. The leveled surface is also helpful for pressing corn and flour dough evenly. Each piece of dough you press with this item will certainly leave you in awe with its perfect thickness and consistency.

This tortilla press is also 100% pre-seasoned beforehand, so you can just take it out of the box and start pressing the dough. Moreover, using this product is so effortless that you don’t even have to apply pressure sometimes. You can just rely on its weight to proportionately press the tortilla on its own.

Besides all that, this tortilla press is seasoned with vegetable flaxseed oil. This gives the tortillas a different type of flavor once they come out of the press. It’s also a multipurpose product that you can use to make other items such as empanadas and dumplings.


  • Comes with 100 pcs of parchment
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Effortless operation
  • Tortillas contain a different flavor
  • Evenly pressed tortillas


  • Pressing too hard can cause damage

4. Iron World Hand Made Tortilla Press

Out of all the products on this list, this model stands out as the best flour tortilla press. This is because this cast iron tortilla press can be used both indoors and out in the backyard. The superior quality design makes sure you can cook a tortilla either by using the stove or grill, or you can even use an outdoor campfire.

This gives users broader freedom of choice like they haven’t seen before. Who doesn’t want some freshly cooked tortillas while camping out in the woods? However, what makes this tortilla press special is that it’s handmade using cast iron metal, which ascertains its lengthy lifespan.

The manufacturers are so confident about their product that they provide users with a lifetime guarantee. If that isn’t the most durable product, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, the flat and circular surface of the tortilla press was designed to make each tortilla round and even.

This provides a consistent thickness to each piece of dough you press with this device. To top it off, it has a non-stick coating that makes sure you don’t create a mess while pressing the dough. This reduces the time you waste cleaning to a great extent.

Besides being the best tortilla press for flour tortillas, maintaining this tortilla press is also an absolute breeze. You don’t need to go through all that fuss to keep this model in perfect condition. In fact, all you need to do is wash it, dry it, and rub it with cooking oil.

Doing this regularly will also help you increase your device’s lifespan. For those who are new to cooking tortillas, there is another feature to look forward to. The manufacturers also provide you with a book of recipes you can use to improve your cooking skills.


  • Use it both indoors and outdoors
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Easy to clean
  • Added recipe book
  • Non-stick coating


  • Can break if too much pressure is exerted

5. Central Coast Woodworks 8” Hardwood Tortilla Press

This last addition to this list of best tortilla maker is an absolute beauty! It’s manufactured by a company that’s renowned for its handmade tortilla makers made of hardwood. If you’re looking for a wooden tortilla press, then this is certainly the most appealing and efficient one of them all.

Everything about this product from the color combination to the articulate hinges is inspiring. This is certainly one of the most eye-catching models on the market. Apart from its design, this item also excels at making even tortillas all year long. Even though it’s not made of heavy-duty metal, it can last a very long time.

The thickness and proportion of each tortilla are undoubtedly consistent, no matter how many times you use it. What makes it even better is that it’s made of all-natural red oak and walnut hardwood, which further ensure its durability. Furthermore, the top and bottom plates are coated with mineral oils and beeswax.

This makes sure that the dough doesn’t stick to the top and bottom when you’re making tortillas. It also reduces the hassle of cleaning the press over and over. The cleaning process is also made easier by the polished top and bottom plates. You can easily clean the entire thing with just a wet towel.

Apart from that, it will also give you the most well-rounded tortillas you have ever seen. You don’t need much cooking experience to be a master tortilla maker if you have this product at your disposal. It also comes in 3 different sizes, so you have the option to choose one that caters to your needs.


  • Appealing design
  • Made of red oak and hardwood
  • Non-stick plates
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for amateurs


  • Relatively expensive

What Makes A Good Tortilla Maker?

Although you now know all the top models of tortilla makers on the market, you must pay attention to certain features that make a good tortilla maker.


A lot of things depend on the size of a tortilla maker. Most importantly, the size of the item will dictate the size of the tortillas you will be making. The bigger the size of the surface, the larger the tortillas will be. If you wish to make tortillas for a burrito, you might consider buying a larger one.

If your job involves making small tortillas for tacos, you should look for smaller ones made of aluminum or plastic. These are also more compact and easier to move around the kitchen. If you don’t have a lack of space, then you can resort to a cast-iron model, which is much more durable.

You can also choose a wooden tortilla maker (like the one listed above) if the looks are more important to you. However, keep in mind that the price of a good tortilla maker increases with the size. Some models come in different sizes, so make sure you pick the right one for you.

Electric vs. Manual

Before you choose between an electric and manual tortilla press, you first need to know the difference. A manual tortilla maker will only let you flatten the dough, after which you will have to cook it. If you have the necessary pots and pans at your disposal, and you prefer to cook the tortilla separately, this one’s for you.

On the other hand, the best electric tortilla maker will simultaneously flatten and cook the tortilla for you. This will reduce the time needed to make a perfectly round tortilla without much effort. If you are an amateur cooking enthusiast learning the ropes, this is more suitable for you.

However, the best electric tortilla maker will cost a bit more than manual ones. There’s also the issue of increased electric bills to consider.


The versatility of your tortilla press will highly determine the types of bread you can make with the product. Where some models are only capable of making tortillas, there are others who are able to make other types of bread as well. This will depend on your preference and the projects you wish to work on.

A more versatile tortilla press will certainly leave you with more options when cooking for your guests. It will also cost you more.


Needless to say, the easier it is to maintain a product, the more efficient it is. The amount of effort needed to clean your tortilla maker will mostly depend on its material. Also, make sure the plates are properly coated so that the dough doesn’t stick to them.

In this case, cast iron models are more convenient and easier to clean. They are also much heavier and more expensive. Low maintenance will not only save your energy, but it will also save you precious time.

Extra Features

Apart from the aforementioned key features, there are some factors that can make your life easier when making tortillas. Features such as the ability to control the temperature or indicator lights that tell you when your tortillas are fully cooked. Additional user instructions and recipe books can also be helpful.

Different Types Of Tortilla Makers

As you might already have noticed, there isn’t just one type of tortilla maker on the market. To make sure you make the right choice, you need to be aware of the different types of tortilla makers.

Cast Iron

Cast iron tortilla makers are the most common models available on the market. They are recommended for their evenly pressed and well-rounded tortillas. The reason they are so consistent at making tortillas is because of their weight and the immense pressure they can create on the dough.

These tortilla presses are also easier to clean. One downside to these models is that they can’t be carried outside. They take up a lot of space and are difficult to move around due to their weight.


Tortilla presses made of aluminum are usually more lightweight and efficient. They can be easily stored anywhere in the kitchen and can also be carried around outside. These are the perfect choice if you want to cook tortillas or flatbread outdoors.

But the lightweight of aluminum also causes a minor problem. It means you have to exert more pressure to flatten the dough evenly. They also cost less than the cast-iron models.

Handmade Wooden Tortilla Makers

These tortilla presses are handmade out of different types of wood. The consistency and efficiency of these models will depend on the type of wood used. Presses made of pine wood are a lot lighter and need more pressure to flatten the bread. They are more suitable for outdoor use and are cheaper.

The models made of hardwood are much bulkier and make more evenly pressed tortillas. These are more difficult to move around despite their overall consistency.


Plastic tortilla makers are the least preferred models of experts and amateurs alike. This is because not only are they flimsy but also easily breakable. They can’t apply enough pressure to make evenly rounded tortillas. Plastic can also have drastic effects on your health and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make thin tortillas with tortilla press?

To make a tortilla as thin as you can, rotate it up to 180 degrees and press with as much pressure as you can. If you want it to be even thinner than that, remove the tortilla along with the plastic wrap. Use a rolling pin to manually press the tortillas a little thinner.

2. Do tortilla presses work for flour tortillas?

Tortilla presses can be used for making different types of flatbread. Apart from flour bread (which is common), you can also make pita bread and empanadas as well.

3. How thick should a tortilla be?

The perfect thickness of a tortilla is ideally the thickness of half a matchstick. And the smaller the balls of dough, the thinner the tortilla is. The tortilla should be more than an inch further from the edge of the press before you take it out.

4. Can I make tortillas without a press?

Yes, you can. After heating a skillet to medium/high heat, place the tortilla on top of it. Wait for a minute, then take off the parchment paper. After 30 more seconds, flip the tortilla. Continue doing so until each side is properly cooked.

5. Why do my homemade tortillas break?

Gluten-free tortillas can break more easily. They are held together by lard or fat that can break apart when dry.

Final Words

If you have reached the end of this article, then you are well equipped to purchase the most suitable tortilla maker for your home or restaurant. We have accumulated the best tortilla maker reviews, so make sure to read all of them. Also, keep the key features in mind and make your choice according to your preferences.