Best Towels For Drying Dishes

5 Best Towels For Drying Dishes – Reviews 2021

Dish towels are essential when it comes to cooking. To maintain hygiene and the overall cleanliness of your kitchen, you need a dishtowel. These towels are especially for fast soaking and strong enough to tackle any sticky situation.

There are countless dishtowels available in the market, varying from size, quality, material, and price. We researched for you and created a list containing the best towels for drying dishes. Now you don’t have to search around.

You can expect any of these towels to help you with your day to day life without any damage or wear.


Best Towels For Drying Dishes

Here is a list of the top 5 dishtowels available in the market. In this in-depth review, you’ll get the features and check the quality of these towels.

1. Swedish Cellulose Sponge Dishcloth

Swedish Cellulose Sponge Dishcloth

Machine washing is a blessing. Who wants to rub around clothes all day long? It is a very uncomfortable process and tires you out. If you’re going to wash all of your clothes in the machine, you are not the only one. Everyone needs such convenience in their lives, especially when it comes to dishtowels.

Sadly, most dishtowels are not machine washable. This is the reason why you should get the Swedish Cellulose Sponge Dishcloth.

Since your dishtowel is by far the dirtiest item in your kitchen for obvious reasons, you need to wash it very often. When it comes to reusability and eco-friendliness, this is one of the best dish towels available.

You can reuse it over 50 times, and it also has biodegradable cellulose and natural cotton. If you are looking for tea towels for drying dishes, then you have to look no further.

This dishtowel has all the features of your usual tea towel, but the absorbency is much better. So, if you are looking for an overall great dishtowel, then this will be the one for you. The reusability will keep you from buying new ones all the time.


  • The absorbency is very incredible
  • It is reusable up to 50 times
  • The towel is entirely eco-friendly
  • It has an affordable price range
  • The design choice is excellent


  • The cloth feels stiff
  • Its size can be too small for some people

2. Buff™ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Buff™ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

When you are looking for the best towels for drying dishes, then versatility is a feature you can’t leave out. It would be best if you had your cleaning cloth to clean almost any given surface in your kitchen.

Sometimes, you use your dishtowel for cleaning a lot of things, like your hands, dirt, glasses, and screen, etc. If you want such versatility, then you should get the Buff™ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Microfiber is great for versatility.

You can use this product to dust, clean, polish your whole house, and even your car if you want to. This product is multi-functional, and the durability of it is no joke either.

There are other features of this dishtowel too. You can wash this cloth 500 times before you start seeing any damage to it. So, long time usage is going to be no problem. Now, if you want good quality, you’ll get it too.

The premium and soft finish of this towel make it very comfortable and pleasant to hold. So, if you are planning to get the most out of your dishtowel, then this one it is. It is one of the best dish towels for drying dishes and other household items.


  • You get outstanding versatile usage
  • The build quality is very durable
  • It is enjoyable to hold
  • You can wash it over 500 times
  • Chemicals are not needed


  • It can stain
  • Not very absorbent

3. Polyte Premium Microfiber Kitchen Dish Hand Towel

Polyte Premium Microfiber Kitchen Dish Hand Towel

Looks are essential when it comes to cloths or kitchen accessories. When you are getting a product, why not go for something that looks and feels premium but also works very well. Sadly, a lot of dishtowels look very plain.

It would be best if you always looked for something extraordinary that does everything well. So, if you are in the market for one, then go for the Polyte Premium Microfiber Kitchen Dish Hand Towel.

This towel has a waffle weave, which makes the product look and feel very pleasant. The pattern is not only for the eyes, either. It affects the cleaning experience a lot too. You can expect this towel to clean any dirt you notice without a problem.

It is one of the most absorbent dish towels available in the market too. So, if you are talking about results, then you will be getting consistent great ones. The feel and look of this cleaning cloth are very premium.

This thing has a very soft texture, which feels very comfortable to hold. You can expect this product to last a long time with no problems at all. It is also machine washable. So, it is also very convenient to use.


  • It has a very premium look
  • You feel very comfortable holding it
  • Absorbing water is not a problem
  • It is machine washable
  • You don’t need to use chemicals


  • The color fades away in time
  • More expensive than other products

4. Microfiber Cloth By GREEN LIFESTYLE

Microfiber Cloth By GREEN LIFESTYLE

Usually, microfiber cleaning cloths are not very cheap. The quality of the material is outstanding and also more costly than your cotton dishtowels. If you are looking forward to great versatility, then nothing is better than a microfiber towel.

Not everyone has a lot of change to spare. So, if you are in a tight budget but also want a premium microfiber dishtowel then, get the one by GREEN LIFESTYLE. They make great towels for the price.

Most of the time, companies try to cut out on essential features to keep the price low, but this one somehow managed to make a fantastic product. You get great value out of this. Not only can you use this in your kitchen but also in the garage.

The durability of this product is outstanding. It will clean all of the nooks and crannies with no hassle at all. Plus, since it is microfiber, you get an excellent absorbency as well. You can quickly clean out a water spill with one swipe.

It is not suitable for a heavy-duty workload, but it can handle all of your kitchen needs with no problem. So, if you want a microfiber dishtowel in a tight budget, then this one will be a perfect choice.


  • It has an affordable price tag
  • The absorbency is good enough
  • You get excellent durability
  • It is very nice to hold on
  • Versatile usage won’t be an issue


  • It gets soggy quickly
  • You may notice some leftover lint

5. HYPER KITCHEN Microfiber Towel

HYPER KITCHEN Microfiber Towel

Super absorbent dish towels are a lifesaver when you make a spill. Having the sucking power will help you get the water soaked up in no time. You can easily prevent something worse from happening too.

So, out of all the products in the market, the Hyper Kitchen Microfiber Towel is one of the most absorbent dish towels available for you. Now, you don’t need to freak out whenever you spill something or see something leaking.

This towel is 26 x 18inches. So, you can easily use this to your advantage. Having a large super absorbent towel can be a blessing for a lot of people. The durability of this product is also fantastic. You can clean and polish as much as you like.

The product can absorb six times its size. It offers excellent versatility too. So, cleaning your house is going to be no issue at all. Now, if you are worried about how it dries, then fret not. It dries very quickly.

So, no matter how much liquid you are soaking, you can expect to use it again in no time. Overall, this is a great all-round product. For the price, it will be tough to get the same features in other towels.


  • Soaks water up very fast
  • The size is huge for convenience
  • It is very soft to hold
  • The durability is excellent
  • You get great value


  • You might need to use chemicals
  • Not suitable for professionals

Things To Check Before Getting One

There are some things you should always check for before getting a dishtowel. We have pointed all of the stuff out below. This way, you will know which product will suit you the best and won’t waste any money.


There are various materials manufacturers use to make these towels. All of them are a bit different and suitable for other sorts of people. It can get confusing when you don’t know which is ideal for which.

Usually, they use cotton, microfiber, flour sack, and bamboo to make dishtowels. The most popular option for durability is cotton. This material is perfect for almost all people. It can do all the work with the same consistency.

Towels For Drying Dishes

Microfiber is famous for its versatility. You can easily use this thing anywhere. From glass, phone screen, and other household materials, you can use a microfiber towel. The absorbency is alright but not as good as bamboo. This material is also a bit more on the expensive side.

Flour sack is perfect for glassware. If you have a lot of glass in your kitchen that you want to clean, then this one would be the best option for you. You can expect no scratches on the glass with this material.

Bamboo is best for absorbency and is perfect for any big spills. You can soak up the mess in no time.


A lot of people worry about the size. It is alright and very reasonable. If you are wondering if the size is adequate, then you should recheck your needs. Small towels are great for travel and cleaning tight spaces.

The absorbency is similar to a big one but on a smaller scale. If you have to deal with cleaning a lot of stuff at once or notice accidental spills a lot, you should get a big towel instead. 

Towels For Drying Dishes

Big towels are great, very absorbent, and offer more usability.


If you are looking for something that will absorb a lot of water, you need to get something big and heavyweight. However, if you are more into quick swiping and cleaning, you can get something small and light.

So, be sure of what you need at first before buying. Check your needs and purchase accordingly. This way, you will get the best value and usage out of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a waffle weave matter?

Ans: Yes, waffle weave improves the quality of the dishtowel. Not only does it enhance the absorbency and durability but also the look and feel.

2. Which towel should I use for my cooking?

Ans: Flour sack towels are the best when it comes to cooking. It is very light-weight and easy to use. Plus, this is perfect for covering up doughs when it is going to rise.

3. Should I use chemicals when using a dish towel?

Ans: Some towels are strong enough to clean the sticky mess. However, sometimes you may require to use chemicals if your dishtowel is unable to clean it thoroughly.

4. Can I use dishtowels as a cheesecloth?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, you have to make sure your towel is light enough. You cant use big or heavy cloth for this job.

5. Which material is suitable for professionals?

Ans: It would be best if you go for a thick cotton towel for your professional use, which absorbs and dries very quickly. This material can save a lot of time in the kitchen.

Final Words

There are countless options available when you plan to buy a dishtowel, but most of them offer mediocre results. It would help if you never settled for inconsistent results.

If you want to make your kitchen life more comfortable, get any of the products we have mentioned because they are the best towels for drying dishes. You will not be disappointed.

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