Essential Cake Decorating Tools

Essential Cake Decorating Tools and Their Uses

Once you figure out how to decorate cakes, it seems that there are no limits. You can decorate however you want with endless decorating options. To me, decorating a cake is something that requires more effort than baking the cake itself.

This is no less important than regular arts as it also requires creativity and involves color works.

Being able to make frosting is just a beginning. You need to master lots of decorating works. So, you must get familiar with cake decorating tools and their uses to make the decoration more convenient and fun.

As a beginner, you might never hear or don’t know much about such tools. This guide is just for people like you.

Cake Decorating Tools

The list doesn’t include many fancy tools that aren’t much needed for decorating. If you haven’t used any of these, you will notice significant differences in decoration work than before.

Cake Leveler

You want to lay the best decorating foundation for the cake? Before the piping bag, give importance while slicing the cakes. A good quality cake leveler will allow you to slice flat and even cakes.

Also, when the situation demands to remove the humped crown from the cake, you need to make sure you cut it flat and even. For this task, a cake leveler is a tool that you will need.

Cake Leveler

As a beginner, using a serrated knife can is discouraged, especially if your handshakes while using it due to lack of skills. To overcome this limitation, you can rely on a leveler to cut more precisely regardless of how nervous you are. Once you master how to deal with the cut, you are good to go with a knife.

Spatulas and Smoothers

No matter how tasty and beautiful looking frosting you make, if you are not able to layer the frosting perfectly, the cake will not make much appeal. That’s why you need some spatulas and smoothers to handle the task for you. These tools spread frosting securely on the cakes.

If you use a knife for spreading the frosting, trust me, the experience with the spatulas will be much better. You would not want to use anything else after using spatulas. So, it would be better for you to spend on some good quality spatulas of various sizes.

Spatulas and Smoothers

To take the decoration to the next level, you can also use smoothers to smoothen frosting on cakes. Whether you manually smoothen the frosting or place the cake on a table that spins, either way, the smoother will provide great results. These tools come in different textures to create unique looking patterns and designs on the cake.

If you want to experiment with creating different patterns, it would be better if you get a set of smoothers with different textures. Smoothening will be convenient if you glide the smoother up and down while spinning the cake at the same time. The cakes will have great looking waves and patterns on them.

Adjustable Layer Cake Slicer

This actually is a leveler that is used for slicing circular cakes. Using this tool, you can slice a cake into multiple layers. Many models are adjustable so that you can size the cake according to the needs.

Adjustable Layer Cake Slicer

There are two movable handles that allow the ring to expand or shrink according to what the cake demands. Once you set the right size, start slicing the cake, and rotate the mold. When you are done, carefully remove the mold to separate the layers.

Cake Board

While it might seem useless as you can place the cake on a plate or stand, but when it comes to transport or move the whole desert, a cake board comes extremely useful.

So, whether you use a plate or not, I personally recommend using a cake board instead of decorating the cake directly on the plate. There will be zero to minimum mess on the platter as well.

Cake Board

If you are convinced, then consider using a slightly larger board than the cake. Take a 10-inch board if the cake is about 8 inches. There will also be space around the cake for piping the bottom border as well.

However, if you don’t need that extra space for the bottom border or it’s something that you don’t want to see with the cake, consider using a smaller board or a size similar to the cake.

Frosting Tips

When the cake decoration requires frosting, tips are the tools you will need the most to create great-looking frosting patterns. Frosting tips are of different shapes, designs, and sizes. Whether it’s lettering, siding, flowers, and other decorations, this is the tool to go with.

The tips also require plastic couplers as well as frosting bags. It will be best if you purchase a starter kit that comes with everything you will need.

Cake Turntable Table

Applying frosting on cakes is a bit difficult, especially when there is a lack of motion. To overcome the issue, professional bakers use a turntable. It’s pretty much like a cake stand, but it can spin around without moving its base.

Spin quickly or slowly as you like, and do all the decorations evenly and conveniently. It saves time and effort while ensuring efficiency and cleanliness. If you currently apply the frosting without a turntable, after using one, you will notice great improvement and convenience as well.

Cake Turntable Table

Delicate decoration like piping details will be much easier due to this. These turntables are found in plastic and metals. Both will do the trick exceptionally well.

Cake Trays

Conventional plates are totally fine for decorating cakes. But, if it also has to do with how the cake is presented to someone else, you should consider getting specially designed cake trays. The finish and ease of decoration are way better than common plates.

Cake Trays

Cake wheels are used with trays in most cases. These wheels are for holding the cake steady when you spin it for decoration purposes. If you are to get cake wheels, be sure to get larger ones that can also accommodate larger sized cakes.

Cake Decorating Set

There are commercial cake decorating sets available for different tools. For beginners, having one of the sets will bring much convenience in the baking and decorating experience, whether it’s for professional or home use purposes.

Cake Decorating Set

Most of these decorating sets include lots of icing and flower tips, bags, nozzles, scrapers, levelers, spatulas, brush, cake stand, and other tools as well. You just invest in a good quality set, no need to bother about buying additional tools for most cases.

No matter which set you select, make sure it has all the tools that you will need for decorating purposes.

Final Words

Cake decorating tools and their uses will enhance your decoration experience and increase creativity. Also, you need to consider expert decorating ideas and tips to ensure efficiency. As cake decoration is a creative art, the more you experiment, the more you will master unique designs and patterns.

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