How to Turn Brownie Mix into Cake Mix

How to Turn Brownie Mix into Cake Mix? A Beginners Guide

Whether you willingly and unwillingly bought brownie mix instead of cake mix, you can still make a delicious cake out of it. If you did it willingly, I assume it’s for an experiment — I can say you will not be disappointed seeing the results.

And if your intention was to buy a cake mix, but you made a mistake. If you are having cravings for cake, then you probably can’t even wait that long to replace the mix. You can easily turn brownie mix into cake mix to bake great tasting cake to satisfy your cravings without doing much hassle.

Making Cake Using Brownie Mix, Is It Possible?

Luckily, you can make cake using brownie mix without any problem. You will just have to adjust eggs, fat, and leavener ratio. I personally prefer reducing fat while increasing the other two ingredients. So, I will guide you this way.

Baking both cake and brownie mix are quite similar. They both have sugar, flour, baking soda or powder, cocoa powder, etc. ingredients in common. Only the quantities vary package to package, but still, you should be able to transform a brownie mix into a cake mix easily.

If you have changed your mind, and are looking for a recipe to make cake-like brownies, this recipe seems straightforward and easy.

Cake and Brownie, What’s the Difference?

Both taste different from one another. If you close the eyes and take a bit of chocolate cake and brownie one after another, you will be able to differentiate them both based on the texture.

Compared to cakes, brownies are denser. Cakes taste a bit dry and soft in texture, whereas brownies are a bit chewy and denser.

Therefore, when you are about to make a cake using the brownie mix, you will have to be careful about not making the cake dense. You need to make the cake in a way that it feels light and fluffy. The cake you will make following my guide will be not chewy like brownies whatsoever.

What to Twist in the Ingredients?

Don’t worry; you will not have to do anything overwhelming and difficult to make things right for your cake. You need to twist only 3 main ingredients, and the brownie mix will turn into cake mix within no time. The steps are pretty much straightforward. Regardless of your baking skills, it won’t be much difficult for you.

Remember, you need to adjust the fat content, quick baking powder, and the quantity of the eggs. It already sounds easier, doesn’t it?

Your brownie mix instructions will show the basis of the cake recipe. But, I will suggest a few customizations to make it convenient.

Changing the Fat

One of the reasons that brownies are denser than cakes is because the quantity of fat in a brownie mix is much higher compared to a cake mix. Brownies require you to add more fat, but this is something your cake doesn’t need.

If you reduce some amount of fat, it will make the mixer lighter as well. You can reduce it using butter or oil. However, using unsweetened applesauce is preferable here, as it seems to provide much better results. It will moisturize the mix without making it further heavy.

Quick Baking Powder or Leavener

Even though the brownie mix also has baking soda or powder, to make it suitable for cake, you need to twist the leavener a bit.

This adjustment is the easiest one. All you need is one teaspoon of baking powder to make the mix perfect for cake height. Adding more baking powder will cause the cake to rise more and become fluffier than brownies.

So, add one teaspoon of baking powder to the brownie mix, make sure you are mixing with dry ingredients. After adding, you can whisk them together, adding wet ingredients. See if there are any baking powder lumps left in the batter.

It’s Baking Time!

If you know how to bake brownies or cakes, you are good to go with. The baking procedures are pretty much the same for both. You will need to bake brownies at 350°F for 20 minutes or more. The same thing applies for cake batter too.

If you are one of those exceptions, who bakes brownies but didn’t try baking any cakes before, be sure to follow this recipe just to cross-check the baking steps.

When it’s nearly the recommended baking time, you need to check whether the cake is perfectly baked or not. Checking the cake is quite simple. All you need is a toothpick to do it.

Bring out the tray and stick a toothpick into the cake on its center. When you take it out, notice if there is any sticky batter attached or not. If the toothpick is clean, your cake is properly baked, no need to put it inside the oven any further.

You can use a knife if you don’t have any toothpick. Do the same as I mentioned for a toothpick.

How Does This Cake Taste?

So, even though the baking procedures were quite the same as baking a regular cake, after making a few changes, do you expect the cake to change its taste and flavor?

Your newly baked cake will taste like a rich, delicious chocolate cake. It will not be an angel food cake or light sponge cake. Compared to a typical brownie, your cake will be much fluffier and soft. There will be no chewiness and dense brownie texture whatsoever.

If you serve this cake to your family members or guests, they will never know that you just baked the cake using a brownie mix. You can tell them later, and they will wonder what magic you did while baking that the cake perfectly tastes like a regular chocolate cake.

Final Words

So, was making a cake from a brownie mix difficult? Obviously, it wasn’t. You can easily turn brownie mix into cake mix without doing much. It’s the same ingredients; all you need is to make a few changes with the amount and mixing.

If you regularly make cheesecake or chocolate cake brownie using brownie mix, you can also use the same mix for baking a cake easily — no need to buy a cake mix if you are satisfied with the taste.

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  1. Georgia Tsaganis

    Hi. Thanks for the instructions – but I don’t believe you ever said exactly what to change about the quantity of eggs? Thanks for your help!

  2. How much applesauce? Will adding another egg work better instead of having more baking powder taste? When to add what? How long to bake? No actual recipe given. This has all been a waste of my time and I’m still confused as to how to do this.

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