How to Use a Tortilla Warmer Effectively

How to Use a Tortilla Warmer Effectively?

You can’t imagine wrapping your burrito without warming the tortilla.

But who has that time to light the stove repeatedly, or do you still prefer conventional ways rather than embracing the easy and advanced one?

Well, if not, then you better equip your kitchen with a tortilla warmer to keep them pliable and soft.

It’s crucial to know how to use a tortilla warmer effectively because compared to rice and other foods, tortillas absorb moisture faster, and it releases the heat just after you bring them down from the stovetop.

So. Without lingering much, let’s wade through the ways of using a tortilla warmer precisely!

Types of Tortilla Warmers and Its Diversity

Well, there are basically three materials that build a competent tortilla warmer. It can be terra cotta, plastic, or a Styrofoam. No wonder all the materials incorporate a suitable composite of distinct elements so that the tortillas don’t become soggy and moist.

Electric Tortilla Warmer

However, these are the prime materials that are now being used to craft different sorts of tortilla warmers according to the consumer’s needs and preferences. And to find the best tortilla warmer, you need to invest a little time hunting for the appropriate one for your drill.

For instance, I always used to stumble upon crock styled tortilla warmers, which comes with a transparent lid to retain the heat inside. But as I never stopped scouring for the best one, I found out that pouch styled tortilla warmers are more effective and win the crown when it comes to keeping your tortillas warm and supple.

Also, when you store your tortillas in a casserole or a crock styled pot for an hour, you will probably end up having them glued together due to moisture. On the contrary, if you are using a pouch styled or two-sided reversible tortilla warmer, the possibilities of getting sticky tortillas to decrease.

However, there is a huge array of tortilla warmers that can cut to the chase of getting an ideal one for your daily meals. The tortilla warmers and its embellishments are massive.

And if you go for the newly modified ones instead of the obsolete ones, then you might want to invest a little more. Yet it’s like a one-time investment as even a traditional tortilla warmer serves longer than your clothes!

Pre-Preparation for Using a Tortilla Warmer

Before you place your tortillas in the warmer, you need to warm it up in the microwave, oven or stovetop. You can choose either way, whatever seems convenient to you.

Let’s see how you are gonna preheat the tortillas in different aspects!

Microwave Heating

One of the best parts of preheating your tortillas is that it constraints the tortillas to get extra crunchy or hardened. The moisture you want from your tortillas doesn’t fade if its microwave warmed. So, the steps you need to follow are –

  • Take the stack of tortillas on a plate, resting them in a paper towel. If you want to heat all the tortillas at once, you need to add alternate paper towels under each of them so that they don’t stick to each other.
  • After that, turn on the microwave and set the timer to 30 seconds for regular heating or 1 minute for steaming hot.
  • Embed the plate inside the microwave tray, close the door and wait until its ready!

Oven Heating

In this process, if you want to preheat a stack of 6 or 7 tortillas, then preheat your oven in 350 degrees. Afterward, follow these steps –

  • Take some aluminum foil for each stack of tortilla and wrap them like coating a baby with a towel.
  • Once your oven is sufficiently preheated, insert the stacks and wait for 8 to 10 minutes. When you are done preheating, take them out and remove the foil paper, and your tortillas are all ready.

Stovetop Heating

If you are a bit old-school and prefer traditional ways, then stovetop heating can do the math too! You just need to merge a few extra steps! But the smoky aroma you get in your tortillas from the stove and hot skillet is addictive! Now let’s see the process!

A Tortilla Warmer
  • Take an iron skillet (it absorbs heat faster and adds the smoky flavor). Dry clean the skillet using a rug or tissue paper.
  • Light the stove and put the skillet on it at medium heat for 1 minute.
  • Once you see the smoke coiling up, trim down the heat from medium to low.
  • Now, warming a stack of 6 or 7 tortillas here won’t provide you the expected outcomes. So, you better warm each tortilla separately.
  • Take the tortilla and put it on the skillet for 10 to 15 seconds until it grasps a puff and a bit brown avatar. After that, flip the side and wait for another 10 seconds to have evenly warmed tortillas.
  • Repeat the process for each tortilla and enjoy hot and a bit crusty tortilla in your meal.

Well, I just remembered the tortilla press I have recently ordered and trust me that happens to be my holy grail! Because you can get round and consistently uniformed tortillas promptly once you get yourself a tortilla warmer or a tortilla maker.

Learn How to Use a Tortilla Warmer Effectively!

Perhaps you invest most of your time warming up your meals rather than making it. Thus, a tortilla warmer can be an enormous help to get rid of the extravagance of time.

And the best part about having a tortilla warmer is that you can retain the heat of flour tortillas as well as corn tortillas. However, while preheating corn tortilla, extend the time a little bit so that it will be sufficiently hot.

Now, let’s see how you are gonna use the tortilla warmer!

  • Make sure you have enough butcher paper or plastic cuts to use them beneath each tortilla so that they don’t stick to each other.
  • Bring out the tortilla warmer and gently place the separated stack of preheated tortillas into the warmer.
  • Close the lid of the warmer, and your tortillas are all set to remain hot and flavorful till the end of your meal.
  • Don’t forget to close the lid every time you open it to serve another piece of tortilla.

On an Important Note: As the varieties of tortilla warmers are huge, the process of using them can differ, however as long as you are using a crock styled warmer or a pouch-style warmer, the method will be the same.

In a pouch-style tortilla warmer, you aren’t gonna have any lid, but the cloth is reversible so you can seize the heat inside anyways.

Bottom Line

I am sure you are thinking that using a tortilla warmer isn’t rocket science, and honestly, you are predicting the right thing! It isn’t! Even an amateur can get it done. But the reason what led you into this article is to have precise knowledge to assess the equipment appropriately.

Just follow the techniques accordingly, and you will be on cloud nine by the immense outcomes!

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