Best Pecan Cracker Reviews

10 Best Pecan Cracker – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

When the nutritionist suggested me to add nuts to my diet, I didn’t really know what’s coming next. Who knew that cracking nuts is going to be that much annoying! But thanks to the best pecan cracker, those days are gone.

Now, shelling nuts is not only easy but also an amusing task too! To make things simple, there are tons of cracking machines available in the market. But not all of them come with user-friendly features and top-notch construction.

So, how do you get the perfect one?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This article will tell you how to get the most excellent pecan sheller machine to make your life better than ever!


10 Best Pecan Cracker Reviews in 2021

Here, I am going to review the top 10 pecan crackers that come with amazing features and offer excellent service. These reviews will let you know what the hottest thing out there is right now.

1. Hiware Pecan Nut Cracker 

Hiware Pecan Nut Cracker

This remarkable device comes with a basket-shaped hole so that you can crack your pecan without any mess. The groovy pattern on it ensures that the crack is quickly expanded for breaking the hardest shell in minutes!

Despite being a heavy-duty one, this shelling machine is quite lightweight. You can peel any size of nuts with this ergonomic device. If you are targeting the smaller nuts, you can place them outside the main basket as there are ridges to hold them perfectly.

The whole machine is constructed with enamel die-casting aluminum, which makes it suitable for vigorous nut cracking. Moreover, the anti-slipping handle with grooves makes sure that there will be no accidents while working with it. This wear-resistant device is designed to offer long-lasting service.

One of the most amazing parts is that this shelling machine is incredibly portable, and you can take it wherever you want! This device has got a comfortable grip, so even the one with weak wrists can work with it effortlessly.

You can crack any size of nuts with the pecan shelling machine. It comes with a spring-loaded design that allows you to break nuts such as walnut, hazelnut, almond, and hard-shelled ones like Brazilian nuts!

The ridged and tapered holder puts the perfect amount of pressure to break the shell and protects it from getting squeezed. This machine is a dynamic combination of great outlook and functionality, which makes it one of the popular ones in the market.


  • Enamel die-cast aluminum construction for durability
  • Tapered holder for mess-free and easy nut cracking
  • Non-slip and comfortable handles for secure grip
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Spring-loaded design for an effortless experience


  • You have to wash it by hands for better service

2. Anwenk Heavy Duty Nutcracker with Wood Handle

Anwenk Heavy Duty Nutcracker with Wood Handle

If you are looking for a nut breaker with a wooden handle, this one by Anwenk is your way out! It is a heavy-duty nutcracker that comes with an excellent finish and ergonomics to give you a delightful experience.

This spring-loaded nutcracker is a remarkable combination of sturdiness and comfort. It comes with a tapered hole to hold the nuts and break them without any trouble. Moreover, you don’t even have to put extra pressure on it.

It comes with an astonishing slip-resistant grip to prevent unpleasant injuries while working. You can break pecan, hazelnut, almond, Brazil nuts, and walnuts with it. However, this cracker doesn’t really work for hard-shell nuts such as macadamia or black walnuts.

Now, let’s talk about the stunning wooden handles of this nut shelling device. It’s constructed with top-quality wood to make it more durable. Moreover, this handle material saves you the hassle of getting a chilly sensation that you get from metal ones in winter!

The metal nutcracker part is made with hard-wearing enameled die-casting aluminum to provide the greatest service. However, to maintain its top-notch condition, you have to wash it by hand and oil the wooden handles occasionally.

On top of everything, you can use this machine as a bottle opener too! This device also comes in different styles and materials. You can check those out to find out the most suitable one for you.


  • Durable enameled die-cast aluminum construction
  • Non-slip wooden handles for comfortable and secure grip
  • Spring-loaded design for an effortless experience
  • Available in different styles and material


  • Not suitable for breaking hard shell nuts

3. Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

It’s time to review one of the most unique nut cracking machines out there. This pecan shelling machine by Drosselmeyer is an example of excellent ergonomics and style at the same time.

This handheld shelling device comes with an amazing Swedish style that breaks nuts with a patented double lever action. It makes your task effortless, and you can now break nuts faster than ever without making any mess.

Though it has a three-piece construction, all the parts were connected without any pins or screws – making it relatively easier to clean. Its seamless design prevents any nuts from jumping out while shelling as the nut drops into the cup.

This device comes in a convenient size, so you can store it anywhere and carry it around with you. The whole thing is made of zinc, which makes it exceptionally durable.

It requires minimal exertion as it collects every piece of shells to save you the hassle of cleaning. Moreover, the elongated cup can fit nuts of any size, no matter how big or small that is.

Sometimes nut flakes or shells get stuck in the parts of crackers. But this device can be easily detached and assembled again, so you can maintain its flawless condition.

I really love the fact that this nut breaker is available in different classic colors such as black, red, or grey. Its aesthetically pleasing sleek outlook makes it a popular gift item and a fantastic addition to your cutlery collection.


  • Effortless double liver action for breaking nuts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for breaking different sizes of nuts
  • Available in many colors
  • Unique design and aesthetically pleasing outlook


  • It’s more on the expensive side

4. The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker

The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker

This Texan York Sheller is an outstanding combination of simplicity and functionality. It comes with higher durability than similar devices by most other brands and can be used by anyone.

As it is made of top-tier tempered steel, you don’t have to be worried about breaking the toughest nuts without any trouble. This device is specifically made for breaking nuts, so there are no extra parts or complicated using procedures associated with it.

Some nutcrackers provide top-notch performance but lack ergonomics. However, this will not be an issue in this case, and you can use this high-performance device anywhere you want. It cracks most of the nuts effortlessly and doesn’t have the tendency to squeeze the flesh.

This pecansheller machine can be used by people of any age. You can get this one for elderly people or those who have a weak wrist as this device require a minimum pressure to break the shell.

I already stated that this machine comes with an ergonomic design. It fits in your palm perfectly, so you can hold it with supreme comfort. This can be used for longer nut cracking sessions as your fingers will never feel cramped or soar even after using it for hours.

It is a well-crafted and sturdy tool that has been designed to provide long-lasting service to its user. So, for an optimum experience, you can undoubtedly go for this one.


  • Robustly made with tempered steel
  • Requires minimum pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Fits perfectly in your palm


  • Not sturdy enough for breaking hard shells

5. Nut Crackers for All Nuts by Fani

Nut Crackers for All Nuts by Fani

If you want to get a nut sheller that offers outstanding versatility, you should definitely go for this one. It comes in a package that will allow you to crack more than nutshells!

Firstly, it is made with a saw-tooth design to clamp the nuts with a fierce grip. Therefore, it’s eligible for cracking various hard-shell nuts. You don’t see this feature on every other nut shelling device!

This high-performance pecanshelling machine is made with top-grade zinc alloy, so you can crack nuts with ease. The sturdy structure ensures that you can use it daily without deforming or chipping this tool for a long time.

Moreover, you will need a robust handle to hold the device to crack the toughest shell. Well, the handle of this tool perfectly fits in your hand, allowing you to have a secure grip. This slip-resistant handle makes sure that you will not face any kind of accident while using this device.

The core sucker design of this tool makes it amazingly flexible and durable. It can expand up to 180 degrees arbitrarily. On top of all, they are effortless to clean and highly portable, for which you can take them anywhere you want.

To save your time and energy, this tool comes with serrated edges. This feature allows the shell to break quickly and protects the flesh from squeezing. It is a convenient tool that you can use for an effortless nut cracking experience.

This whole package comes with a nut breaking machine and two lobster and crab crackers. Furthermore, it’s available in different colors. What are you waiting for then? Pick the perfect one for yourself.


  • Made with premium-grade zinc alloy
  • Comes with superior durability and sturdiness
  • Ergonomic and slip-resistant handle for secure grip
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Equipped with additional accessories


  • Tend to rust if soaked for too long

6. Duke Nut Cracker

Duke Nut Cracker

I know that some of you were looking for a nutcracker with a base. Therefore, here is my review of the Duke Nutcracker.

It is a heavy-duty pecan shelling machine that you can use for effortless breaking. If you are looking for a professional sheller, this one is perfect for you.

This table-top nutcracker provides a well-balanced performance, so there is no chance of any accidents. It is designed with a long vintage-styled handle to give you the ease of breaking any size of nuts. Whether it’s a big or smaller one, nut breaking will become easier than ever!

It comes with top-grade steel construction, which is nickel plated for enhanced durability. You can adjust this device according to the nut’s size with the help of the threaded cone.

The whole mechanism is mounted on a beautifully crafted hardwood baseboard. Though it weighs around 1.5 lbs, it comes in a convenient size, so you can store it anywhere you want without wasting much space.

You will also get the chance to mount the device permanently on the kitchen countertop. It is one of the most efficient nut shelling machines that make the whole process effortless.

All you have to do is to press down the lever, and you will not feel a thing as it comes with a comfortable grip.

The whole device arrives already assembled, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy. You just screw the handle, and you are ready to go!


  • Nickel-plates all-steel construction for better durability
  • Mounted on an excellent hardwood base
  • Comfortable lever for ease of cracking
  • Adjustable and easy to store
  • Can be used for breaking any nut


  • Not portable at all

7. Chef Craft 21629-2PK Nut Cracker Set

Chef Craft 21629-2PK Nut Cracker Set

This Chef Craft nutcracker comes with two devices for graceful shelling. They come with sleek designs and four picks and offer excellent functionality compared to the price.

It comes with serrated edges to get a better grip on the nut. So, you can expect the safest experience. Moreover, this cracker can be used for shelling crab legs too!

This device includes two picks to assist you with removing the shells perfectly. As it’s made with top-quality zinc, it sports excellent durability and robustness.

Though it’s an old-fashioned nut picker, it offers excellent ergonomics to any user. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty device, you shouldn’t go for this one.

It is an easy to use and clean nutcracker, which is also dishwasher-safe. Moreover, it comes with outstanding portability, so you can take a look at this if you are into a simple yet functional pecanshelling machine.


  • Made with sturdy zinc material
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Offers versatility and functionality
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Tends to rust if soaked for too long

8. New Star Foodservice 28003 Nut Cracker

New Star Foodservice 28003 Nut Cracker

It’s time for another heavy-duty nutcracker review. This device is mounted on a premium-grade wooden base to give a well-balanced service while working for longer sessions.So, let’s find out more about this amazing shelling tool.

This precision-machined device is nickel-plated and made with top-tier steel to provide outstanding durability and functionality. If you are tired of chipping your nut-cracking tools, this one can be your savior.

You can use this device in a professional environment as it is designed to be hard-wearing. It is designed with a classic long lever that allows you to break the nuts without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes handheld devices are not suitable for hard-shell cracking. Well, this device will save you from that trouble!

The hardwood baseboard is beautiful to look at and gives the machine much-needed sturdiness. With this device, you can ensure a safe working environment, but the process is a little messy as the nutshells will be everywhere.

You can keep this device on your countertop and use it every day. Despite being a heavy-duty tool, it can be used with light pressure, thanks to its seamless construction.

However, if you haven’t used any professional nutcracker like this one, it can be a little trickier for you at first. But with time, you can master this device!


  • All-steel nickel-plated construction
  • Long ergonomic handle with a secure grip
  • Wonderfully crafted hardwood base
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Highly durable and well-balanced


  • The whole procedure can be messy

9. Artcome Heavy-Duty Nut Cracker Tool 

Artcome Heavy-Duty Nut Cracker Tool

This heavy-duty nutcracker tool is popular among users for its amazing ergonomics. It is a high-performance tool that you can get for a delightful experience.

You can adjust this device according to the nut’s size for effortless working sessions. However, it would be better if you don’t use this tool for breaking hard shell nuts.

The machine is mounted on a sturdy hardwood base, so you can work without any unpleasant accidents. As it is a tabletop cracker, you will not be tired even after working for longer sessions.

This machine is highly durable and defiant to wear and tear. The nickel-plated all-steel construction makes it one of the most astonishing tools in the market. Thanks to its lever design, nut breaking will be easier than ever with it.

In addition to that, it comes with some accessories such as four picks and a flannel bag to make you happy after purchasing.


  • Durable all-steel construction with nickel plating
  • Excellent hardwood base for sturdiness
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Long lever for effortless nut breaking
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • Not suitable for breaking hard shells

10. Nutcracker Tool by AOAO

Nutcracker Tool by AOAO

The last one on this list is a handheld one. You can use this tool for shelling any kind of nuts, whether it’s pecan and macadamia or California nut.

It is a handmade nutcracker made with top-tier stainless steel. Though it has a simple design, its functionality is remarkable. This tool has a compact triangle design that allows you to carry it in your pocket!

You can use this nutcracker for breaking both big and smaller nuts at the same time. It saves your time and effort with its straightforward using process.

This tool is very easy to control, so you don’t have to crash the nut while shelling it. Moreover, it will last longer than any other Sheller even if you use it every day. Cleaning this device is totally hassle-free, and it will not deform after performing a heavy-duty cracking task.

However, if you want open hard shell nuts, you may have to put a little more pressure than the regular ones. If you can deal with that, nothing can stop you from enjoying the benefits of this tool.


  • Seamless stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomic triangle design
  • Suitable for cracking any nut
  • Easy to use
  • Effortless to clean


  • Can get rusty if soaked for too long

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you easily crack pecans?

Cracking pecans is a hefty task if you don’t have the right kind of tool. Breaking nuts with a hammer is old-fashioned and dangerous. Moreover, it can ruin that tasty treat!

Pecan Cracker

That’s why you should get an ergonomic pecan sheller machine, so you can do this easily with safety.

2. How can you tell if pecans are good?

You should know that pecan have gone bad when,

  • They have developed a bitter taste
  • Have an unpleasant odor
  • Moldy

If you see these signs in your pecans, you should immediately discard them.

Pecan Cracker

3. What can you do with lots of pecans?

There are many sweet and savory treats that you can make with pecans, such as pecan pie, pecan butter, pecan quesadilla, pecan clusters, and many more mouth-watering dishes!

4. How do you remove pecan shells?

With a pecan nutcracker, you can easily remove the shells from it. You can either get a tabletop or a handheld one according to your preference. Getting the perfect tool makes your experience enjoyable instead of tiring.

5. Do pecans need to be dried before shelling?

Yes, you need to make sure that the pecans are absolutely dry before shelling.

Final Verdict

Getting the best pecan cracker turns this shelling task into a fun project. People of any skill and age can use these devices with supreme ease.

In this article, I have suggested some excellent shelling devices that you can get for your friends, family, or personal use to make your life easier than ever!

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