Best Serrated Knife Sharpener

Best Serrated Knife Sharpener Reviews 2021

Are you tired of using blunt knives at your home, or your workplace? If so, we have got a perfect solution for you. You just have to simply go with the flow, as you might get something handy that will make you happy and your time worth reading.

If you have dull knives at your home and you are tired of effort-full chopping, mincing, and slicing of food items with them. You don`t need to throw them out or worry about them. These blunt knives could also come in handy as we have assembled some information about the perfect solution for your blunt knives.

These blunt blades cause you enough trouble with the handling of the knives, also wrist fatigue, and an irritating continuous tension while cooking food. Chefs always have an attachment with their staff. That said, knives are the perfect companion for a chef’s life.

That said, coming to the point of view for some of serrated knife sharpener reviews of the best sharpeners, which you may or may not have come across with. These shear sharpeners are perfectly designed according to your knife`s blade to hone them, sharpen in a unique modest way, making your life easier.

The most wanted and highly rated Serrated Knife Sharpeners have made that task easier. Now if you are looking for the best sharpener for your straight and serrated knives, the best-serrated knife sharpener the most exquisite and up-to-date knife sharpener that enhances its functionality, reliability, and performance.

10 Best Serrated Knife Sharpener:

1. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Since the name suggests as one of the best-serrated knife sharpeners the honing and sharpening of the knives and also gives the perfect razor-sharp edge to the knives keeping them nice and sturdy. It is built and designed with consideration for the user’s safety, it has a non-slip base that allows it to rest comfortably and securely on a plane surface when you’re working with your cutleries.

With these eaves dropping a tool, you can bring blunt and serrated blades back to the life with long-lasting and cutting edge sharpness. This product is perfectly suitable for your home, kitchen and your commercial use. This shear sharpener is made from Aluminum Oxide which keeps it highly durable and long-lasting.

This stone can produce impressive results with just a single-use. You can also set this as a standard according to your need coz this product is super easy to use and operate. That being said, you can also make it possible to be used by people without prior experience.

That said, even if you’re just a newbie, you won’t have to spend much time wrapping your head around how this one works. It can sharpen any knife set, whether it is a chef knife, steak knife, Santoku knife, cleaver knife, butcher knife, and Japanese knife, etc.

This serrated knife sharpener is made user-friendly, keeping into account the safety of the users. When using, you can be guaranteed that the entire length of the blade will be sharpened from the bolster to tip. You should only invest in a sharpener that is specially designed for serrated knives.

Any other choice will be a waste of your hard-earned cash.


  • A must-have, a go-to sharpening tool.
  • The dual grit combo of these sharpeners provides you with the time-effective honing of knives.
  • Non-slippery gives you razor-sharp results.


  • Most of the customers have reported the glue between the grits is nonreliable and wears off as quickly as it contacts with the water.


2. Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Shear Sharpener

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Shear Sharpener

We have been helping customers find the right sharpeners. Selecting a sharpener can be difficult if you’re not sure what you need.

Serrated knives are a marvelous creation. They strike through autonomous and tacky tasks like slicing tomatoes, mincing through food, and slicing cakes without squashing, squeezing, or otherwise destroying them. If you’ve ever tried to use an ordinary chef’s knife to do one of these things, you know how frustrating that can be.

For you, we provide the best-serrated knife sharpener to ease your pain with the dull and blunt knife, and therefore, Lansky is one of the best knife sharpeners among many others.

You can buy just one diamond tapered blade medic and enjoy the facility of a whole sharpening kit.This special diamond tapered blade medic sharpener works with serrated, straight, gut hook and fillet blades.You can get the smoothest cut of your knife with only three or four swipes.

Diamond tapered blade medic is designed to sharpen for even the smallest serrations. The size of this diamond tapered blade medic is very much reliable and easy to hold and use.


  • They can give your knives a finishing razor-sharp edge in just three or four strokes.
  • Hones the knives by making them look just like a new blade.
  • The carbide is a bit aggressive, but the ceramic polishes the rough edges from sharpening the blade.


  • The users have reported about Lansky that the sharpener is a bit heavy.
  • It takes more than 3-4 turns to sharpen the dull blade.


3. Ken Onion Knife Sharpener

Ken Onion Knife Sharpener

With this extraordinary edition of serrated sharpener now you can sharpen every kind of blade on your own.The special Ken onion knife sharpener with motor & Premium flexible abrasive belts. The variable speed “1, 200 SFM to 2, 800 SFM” control provides you with the optimal belt speed for the task.

It has adjustable power with slow-speed honing and high-speed grinding.You canget the fastest and sharpest result with “The 6000 grit belt measures ½ x inches”. It gives your knife a strong convex and sharp edge.

From Ken Onion sharpener you can get the fastest result with your dull blades turning them into a new blade. This is known as the best knife sharpener for serrated blades from which you can get multiple results.


  • Sharpen your knives with precision and repeatability.
  • A perfect and highly recommended sharpening tool for the dull and blunt blades.


  • Knives get scratches on their blade while sharpening them in this sharpener.


4. Electric Knife Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Sharpener

Electric Knife Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Sharpener

With this exceptional edge-cutting sharpener now you can convert your household and everyday knife into a high-performance 15-degree edge with 3-Stage Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System.

It has been designed with diamond abrasives for best grinding with minimum noise. It has anautomatic adjustment that gives you the happiest and easiest honing and grip.It is featured with the simple on/off very reliable switch feature.

Polishes and a patented flexible abrasive system helps in the longevity of the knives. With Edge, Select Professional Electric Knife Sharpener no worries, effort-less grinding, and have smooth cutting.


  • Diamond abrasives to hone and grind the edges
  • Patented flexible abrasive system to make the edges smooth and polished for long-lasting performance.
  • It can make your knife razor-sharp that can even cut through anything that comes in contact with its blade.


  • It can make your blade so sharp that can cut through your skin and you won`t even feel a thing.


5. Priority Chef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives

2-stage diamond coated wheel system sharpens straight and serrated knives. It is the best choice for sharpening dull knives quickly. A go-to sharpener that is very easy and comfortable to use. If you are a chef and working commercially then this sharpener is the reliable and best choice.

All safety measures had been taken while designing this sharpener. It fulfills all needs of our valued customers. You can enjoy your cutting and cooking safely with this versatile sharpening tool.

Just swipe your knife almost 10 times, your knife will be shiny and very smooth from the spine to the edge.This special sharpener has a professional quality but is very easy and simple to use.


  • Designed especially for your comfort.
  • The firm grip of the handle
  • Easy to use.
  • Razor-sharp cutting edge specifications.
  • The honing also include polishing the razor-sharp edge of your blade.
  • Makes the perfect sharp blade, leaving it smooth nice, and clean.


  • Sets your knife at 27-degree angles and you have to come up with it.


6. Zulay Premium Quality Knife Sharpener

Zulay Premium Quality Knife Sharpener

One of the best-serrated knife sharpeners that can revive, restore, and fine-tune your knives. This sharpener is best known for restoring the cutting-edge blades of your knives.

This handheld 2 stages knife sharpener is very easy to handle and use. You can get the fastest results for the best performance. It takes just a few swipes. And after few seconds you enjoy the best cutting skills.

Now you do not need to buy new cutlery. Just take one more step, check out our best-serrated knife sharpener to restore even decade-old knives. It will take few seconds to give you a happy cutting.

Tungsten is known as one of the best grinder blades and perfect for honing knives. It can even restore the dull blade into a double edge finish.


  • Makes the dull knife a new one.
  • Time and cost-effectiveness.
  • Restore the razor-sharp edge of knives to their life.
  • Reshape your knife`s edge.


  • The coarse slot does not work on the serrated knife, only the fine slot does.


7. SHARP 191H Pocket Kitchen Chef Knife Scissors Sharpener

SHARP 191H Pocket Kitchen Chef Knife Scissors Sharpener

These are the best-known pocket Kitchen Chef Knife Scissors Sharpener for Straight & Serrated Knives. It helps in repairing and restoration of blades. You can get sharp edges of straight edge, serrated edge also scissors.

The small size of this tool is very convenient. You can take it with your outside camping also. It will not take too much space in your kitchen. Also very comfortable to hold in hand.

Tungsten and carbide blade are used for honing steel which restores the perfect and fine edge of the blades. It works with the suction force, no need to hold the knife, just simply putting it in the suction slot will make the blade razor-sharp.


  • Tungsten is a very hard metal that grinds off the excessive rough edge on the blade.
  • Comes with a ceramic groove, which gives a delicate texture to your knives.


  • Some users have complained about its honing. It doesn`t sharpen the edges accurately.


8. Hybrid Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening Tool

Hybrid Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening Tool

A hybrid best knife sharpener for serrated blades that accommodates and combines both the technical Sharpening tools for the Straightened blades and Serrated Knives set which further uses diamond abrasives that are the most reliable and trustful source for durable results.

Advanced, 3 stages hybrid serrated sharpener, combined with electric & manual sharpener for sharpening straight and serrated knives, pocket knives, household, and commercial knives, also for a razor-sharp and top-notch edge cutting razor shape edge that is more durable.


  • Hones and polishes the bevel very well with full efficiency.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Have hollow ground edges.
  • Diamond abrasives perfectly hone the edges.


  • Does not work efficiently on the serrated knives except the paring knives.


9. Diamond Retractable Sharpener

Diamond Retractable Sharpener

Writing pen size beautiful and smart diamond retractable sharpener sharps all kinds of knives and meets all your sharpening needs. This is known as one of the best serrated knife sharpener.

This smart steel rod is coated with monocrystalline diamonds. Its special design is half-round with a flat surface on one edge and tapered on the other for even smaller serrations. You can adjust it to various lengths. It is beautiful, lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a pocket.


  • Monocrystalline diamonds make sharpening and honing quick and easy.
  • The hook can be adjusted to various lengths according to the rods, blades.


  • Collet is abraded whenever the knife is pulled outward due to its massive length.


10. SHARP 190N Knife & Scissors Sharpener-Classic Version

SHARP 190N Knife & Scissors Sharpener

An ergonomically sturdy knife sharpener for serrated knives that is perfect for the honing of your knives as well as your scissors, to give them a to-notch razor sharp edge, this serrated sharpener is well suited for the purpose.

For all standard knives, Ceramic & Tungsten carbide blade for giving you the best edge. And the rubber-coated base for a firm grip. Fully molded rubber over the handle.

Non-slip base for comfort and security when grinding cutleries.3-in-1 Professional sharpener also hones for razor-sharp and grinding scissors blade. An ideal sharpener to hone the scissors.


  • Sharpens all kinds of blades.
  • It has preset sharpening angles
  • Easy to use.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Rubber coated strong base
  • Fine honing, sharpening of knives as well as scissors.


  • It gets dull over time.


What to look for before buying a serrated knife sharpener?

There are many types of knife sharpeners on market these days. It is very difficult to select the best knife sharpener for your kitchen needs.Let’s say you bought a knife sharpener which sharpens your blade very fast but then your knife becomes dull quickly.

The size of a sharpener must be considered before buying a suitable knife sharpener.Size matters like outside camping & picnics etc.

Time is money. Of course, no one can afford to waste time in this competitive era. So, find the best quality time-saving electric knife sharpener. Before purchasing a good knife sharpener for your kitchen you can watch relatable videos on the internet also.

Try to purchase the best knife sharpener from the company which has excellent Goodwill. If you are going to place your order online, always read comments and feedback from previous customers for satisfaction with the product.


1. Can you sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, you can sharpen the serrated knife sets with accurate shear sharpeners. Sometimes this can be done through honing knives from the ceramic sharpener, the other time it can be done through the serrated knife sharpeners.

2. How do you sharpen a serrated knife without a tool?

Serrated knives hold their edges sharp for a much longer span. We don`t need to hone them after every use. But over some time if you feel like sharpening them, do that on the serrated knife sharpeners e.g Lansky serrated knife sharpener.

3. Can you sharpen serrated knives with a whetstone?

Yes, we can sharpen a serrated knife with the whetstone, by simply rubbing the backside of the knife on the abrasive stone i.e. whetstone. This will only sharpen the flat side, not the bevel one. It’s a lot of effort as by repetitive sharpening they can turn into bread knives.

4. Do knife sharpeners work on serrated knives?

It is difficult to hone the serrated knives as they would lose their fringes upon rubbing. You need to take account of the bevels and gullets before sharpening the blade. 

Final Verdict

Even though serrated knife sharpener reviews are much needed before buying any kind of serrated sharpener. But we need to sharpen the knives time by time and take a long time to sharpen. People want an easy solution for everything. When a serrated knife becomes dull, often people send them to professionals for the job. But it wastes both time and money.

Old is gold. Old style method for sharpening your knife with all tips and full guidance.

Premium whetstone knife sharpening stone is designed for multipurpose use. All kinds of blades can be sharpened by this stone. If it is a commercial or domestic knife.

With a special non-slip bamboo base the sharpening stone stays in one place and does not move for comfortable and easy use.

The main advantage is that this premium whetstone knife sharpening stone comes with a special guide kit and e-book with lots of tricks and tips for the easiest use.

To provide a professional solution at your home you can get our different types of serrated knife sharpeners. Our priority to make the customer satisfied at home. So, you can make professional recipes and become famous like a chef.

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