Best Torch for Sous Vide

10 Best Torch for Sous Vide 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to searing your fish, meat, or giving your crème brûlée a beautiful crust, you need sous vide torch. It is entertaining to play with, and you can get your job done in no time too.

This torch can easily make your whole cooking experience much more comfortable. There are many sous vide torches in the market, and they all have a lot to offer.

If you are looking forward to buying one and are confused, let us help you by providing a comprehensive review of the best torch for sous vide. We have gathered information about the best blowtorches available in the market for you.

Best Torch for Sous Vide

Here is a list of the best of the best torches available for sous vide. You can expect great results from any one of these products.

1. QIBOX Butane Torch

QIBOX Butane Torch

Safety is no joke whenever you are messing around or using fire for something. You can never be too safe around a flame. It is always wise to get a product that has a lot of safety features. The last thing you ever need in life is to get burned.

If you think you are a bit clumsy, then QIBOX Butane Torch will be perfect for you. When it comes to safety, this is the best sous vide torch available in the market.

It provides a safety lock, which ensures no accidental leakage or ignition. This feature is excellent if you are afraid of using a blow torch for the first time. There are some other notable features too. The flames are adjustable with a lever.

So, you get full control over the torch. You get a versatile cooking experience when using this torch. If you are a newbie or someone who is very cautious, you will find no better option.


  • Safety is a top priority
  • Flames are adjustable
  • You can use it on various things
  • Can refill in 10 seconds
  • Ergonomic design


  • Runs out very fast
  • Flame’s reachability is not much

2. Cadrim Butane Torch

Cadrim Butane Torch

When it comes to professionals, then only the best of the best product is needed. If you cook for a living or in a restaurant, you sometimes know that the work pressure can get to you.

It can be challenging to tackle it if you don’t have the right equipment. Your foods need to perfect and need to be on the table in no time. So, this is why you need to get the Cadrim Butane Torch.

When it comes to the best torch for sous vide available in the market for professionals, you can’t leave this one out of the list. This product has impressive durability, and it has two flames coming off it.

If you want something to cook fast, you can use both of the flames at once, but you can also use a single one when you don’t need it. This bad boy can get hot up to 2102F with no problem either. It is also easy to use and fill up.


  • Able to handle rough usage
  • Two flames come out of it
  • You don’t have to hold the ignition continuously
  • Can refill fast.
  • Excellent safety lock


  • Not very comfortable to hold
  • Design choice could be improved

3. Sondiko Butane Torch

Sondiko Butane Torch

You don’t need many hardships in your life. When you are trying to cook, you need all of your items easily operable. And when it comes to blowtorches, you need less hassle.

If you want a product that is easy to handle, you should check out the Sondiko Butane Torch. It is a great product, which gets a lot of praise for its usability. This torch has a lovely ergonomic body and a grippy texture.

It will not be slipping away from your hand. You can easily replace the butane from any brand you like the moment you run out. It refills very fast too. So, you can get back to work quickly.

Other than that, the overall build quality is very sturdy. The flame is adjustable, and there is even a mode for continuous fire. When you are looking for the best blow torch for sous vide, you can’t leave this one out.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Reasonable control over the flame
  • Product offers a continuous flame mode
  • You can refill it with any brand’s butane
  • Provides excellent versatile capabilities


  • Can leak gas after prolonged usage
  • Not suitable for rough usage

4. FunOwlet Butane Torch

FunOwlet Butane Torch

When you are looking for the best kitchen torch for sous vide, you cant expect to leave out adjustability. It is a great feature, and it makes the experience much more comfortable and convenient.

Who does not want full control over what they are doing? Especially if you are a professional cook, and you want to make your dish perfect. The FunOwlet Butane Torch is ideal for the people who need a bit more than anyone.

You can rotate the torch’s head 360 degrees. This feature comes in handy sometimes, and the temperature can also go up to 2500F if you were wondering. That is a lot of power for something this size.

When you are cooking, you can expect your food to crisp up and give you the ideal texture. If you are in the market for a compelling product, then one will be perfect for you. Even professionals can easily use this.


  • Head is 360 degrees rotatable
  • Can handle temperature up to 2600F
  • Very easy to operate
  • You get a gas flow regulator
  • Company provides excellent service


  • Can’t hold the flame for a long time
  • Has some compatibility issues

5. Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2

Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2

Portability is a feature that a lot of people forget about when they are buying a blowtorch. People don’t think about it until they travel and can’t bring your torch because of the size.

You can only pack stuff that saves you a lot of space. A blowtorch is essential for such trips because of its usability. Here comes the Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 to relieve your stress. The compatibility of this product makes it great for traveling.

This torch gives you the ability to concentrate the flame as much or as little as you want. It is terrific for cooking too. You will get a fantastic sear on your meat and a beautiful sugary crust on your crème brûlée.

If you are planning to cook outside for a change, you should get this blowtorch. The size is very compact, and it also packs a powerful punch. You can easily refill the product when the gas runs out.


  • Size is great for travel
  • You can use it on many things
  • Build quality is top-notch
  • Fuel tank can refill very quickly
  • Right design choice


  • Not compatible with some butane canisters
  • A tight seal is necessary to avoid leakage

6. TENGYES Kitchen Blow Torch

TENGYES Kitchen Blow Torch

If you don’t have the patience to wait around when you are searing meat, you are not alone. Cooking can be a long process and tiring, but you can speed it up using proper tools.

When it comes to cooking stuff, the fastest way to do it is to crank up the heat. However, most blow torches can not handle very high temperatures. This reason is why you should get the TENGYES Kitchen Blow Torch. It is a very heavy-duty product.

The temperatures can rise to a whopping 2500F, and the best part is that it does not struggle with it. You can cook fast at high temperatures like this one, but make sure not to burn anything.

This product is straightforward to use, has impressive adjustability, and fills up very fast when you run out of butane gas. If you are in a pinch, this torch will help you get through it in no time.


  • Temperature can go up to 2500°F without issues
  • Provides impressive adjustability
  • You can hold it very comfortably
  • Size is very compact
  • You will be able to fill it very quickly


  • Build quality isn’t very durable
  • Runs out of gas fast

7. Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch

Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch

Usually, when it comes to buying kitchen equipment, the price becomes an issue for some. Not everyone has a lot of cash to throw around on a blow torch. You might be searching for an affordable option but with excellent specifications.

It’s not an easy task to tackle. Manufacturers need to cut corners to get the price low, and you end up with a mediocre product. If you are looking for the best bang for the buck option, get the Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch.

For the price, this product offers impressive features. It can go up to 2500°F and has a very sturdy build quality too. Also, you get a safety lock to prevent accidental ignitions.

You can easily refill it and get a very consistent flame. This product is perfect for people on a tight budget. So, if you want a product, which will offer you the best value, then you should not wait around and get this one.


  • You get a great value
  • Durable design
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Safe to use
  • Fuel tank can hold 8-10g of gas


  • Struggles at maximum temperature
  • Rough usage will affect its longevity

8. Tencoz Blow Torch

Tencoz Blow Torch

To be the best sous vide torch, consistency is essential. You cant be happy if your blow torch works well only sometimes. It should always give you consistent flames when using it, which is vital for professional usage.

Here comes the Tencoz blowing torch for people who want to cook in peace. If you work somewhere, you always need to make food the way it is supposed to be. It cannot be different every time.

A lot of blow torches struggle to hold the heat. So, you end up with inconsistent results. But not with this one, though. Not only do you get professional-grade build quality, but you also get outstanding results.

This product has a piezo press ignition, which gives you fast and immediate fire. The build quality is also outstanding, and rough usage will not be a problem. You can expect this torch to last a long time.


  • Product is very reliable
  • You can expect consistent ignition every time
  • Excellent grippy design
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides a built-in finger guard


  • Gas runs out quickly
  • Leakage issues might occur in the future

9. Spicy Dew Blow Torch

Spicy Dew Blow Torch

When you buy a product, you might want to try it on various things. If it works, then you are killing two birds with one stone. Versatility is essential, especially if you are in the kitchen. You can work on many things all at once.

It helps you a lot when you are cooking various things or even burning wood for a campfire. The best product when it comes to versatility is the Spicy Dew Blow Torch. You can easily use this product for various things.

From searing fish and meat, vegetables, melting cheese, toasting bread, etc., this product is perfect. This blow torch gives you fantastic usability, but it even has a great design choice.

The torch is very compact, and you can travel with it. You can tackle various work even outside of your kitchen. The durability is impressive, and you can use it for a long time without it breaking.


  • Excellent versatility
  • Durability of this product is no joke
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage
  • You get a very superior design
  • Protects your hand with a guard


  • Spilling can occur if you are not careful
  • You don’t get consistent flames

10. Inpher Blow Torch

Inpher Blow Torch

If you are the type of person who wants a blow torch, which is perfect for day-to-day usage, then we have the perfect one. Your blowtorch needs to be very high-quality and durable to withstand day to day rough usage.

Because of this, you need to look for something that has excellent build quality. Thankfully we have just the one. The Inpher Blow Torch is a very premium quality product, which is very popular for its durability.

It also comes from a well-known company. They make various types of products, and they do a pretty dang good job at it. It has a silicone basting, and it is resistant to very high temperatures.

So, you can guess the overall lifespan of the product. Of course, other great features like safety lock, consistent flames, right design choice, and tons of other features are there too. Overall, this is an outstanding product if you want something with excellent longevity.


  • Will last you a very long time
  • Design choice is excellent
  • You can hold it very comfortably
  • A safety lock is present
  • You will get consistent flames


  • There are some leakage issues
  • Does not reach very high temperatures

How Do I Choose?

Now you know which products you should get. So, all you need is to go out and buy, right? Well, not exactly; there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying to get the perfect product.

Build Quality

Durability is significant if you want your blowtorch to last a long time. You should check with people and see what material does the product has. Not only does it need to be lightweight but also a very sturdy one.

It also needs to have the right design choice. Having a safety lock is also very important for your protection. Blowtorches can get very hot, and the last thing you need is to burn yourself.

Torch for Sous Vide

If your blowtorch has an excellent build quality, it can also help prevent issues like any sort of leakage. This way, you can be safe from any wastage. Also, it would be very convenient if the product gets refilled very fast.


When it comes to blowtorches, you don’t only use this while cooking. You may want to use it in various places, even outside of your house. This place is where versatility comes in handy.

You can use it on different things like lighting up a campfire, candles, burning trash, or anything you want. A lot of blowtorches does not come with this convenience.

So, if you have other plans in mind with your product, you should get a versatile one.


The right design choice is essential, but you should always look for other features too. Having an ergonomic handle will be perfect for professionals. Since they have to work long hours, having this will prevent any sort of cramps or pain.

Your blowtorch should also have a good quality on/off switch. This way, you won’t be uncomfortable when pressing it for too long. Better if it can hold the flame very well.

A lot of product comes with various sorts of knobs. They do it in the name of safety, but it becomes a hassle in the long run. Plus, trying to figure the knob out can be very uncomfortable at first.


Size matters a lot in life, and when it comes to buying blowtorches, you cant forget about it. These torches come in various sizes and shapes. That is not only for looks; they are a bit different.

You need to pick between large and small torches and pick one that suits you the best. Big blowtorches are more powerful. They can give you a flame up to 3500°F, which is very hot. It is more suitable for outside use too.

Torch for Sous Vide

The power is perfect for lighting up fires or burning something other than food. On the other hand, small torches can go up to 2500°F. They are very compact, and you can easily travel with them.

These torches may be small, but they offer great versatility too. You can use it mainly when you are cooking. If you are looking for something to use outside and in the kitchen, get a big one, but you will be fine with a small one.


If you are a professional cook, then this feature is a must-have for you. A professional quality blowtorch will offer you fantastic consistency. You will be getting the same heat and performance every time you use it.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your food tasting differently, and you can finish cooking at a specific time limit every time.


There are plenty of options when it comes to what gas you should use. Each one is different and perfect for different people. Butane is ideal for people who work a lot.

Since most kitchen appliances use this particular gas, you won’t have to worry about refilling. It is also effortless to control too since it runs cooler than other gases.

Propane is for people who are new to cooking. You can quickly get this gas anywhere, and it is also much cheaper than other options. It is perfect for searing meat too.

Max-Pro is perfect for professionals. This gas is another version of propane, and it runs a lot hotter. You can use this to cook fast. This option is perfect for people who work a lot and fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which gas should I use for cooking meat?

Propane is the perfect option for cooking meat. It can give you an ideal sear. The meat cooks fast and gets a lovely texture.

2. Should I use my blowtorch outside of my house?

Sure, as long as your blowtorch offers excellent versatility, you will be fine.

3. Is pan better for searing than torch?

For most users, a blowtorch was a better option than a pan. The reason mainly being that you can see how the sear is while torching, and you have much better control over the sear.

4. Should I use my torch at the maximum heat?

You can use it at the maximum heat, but don’t use it for too long and give it a rest at times. If you want it to last a long time, then this is a safe option.

5. Is butane safe?

Yes, it is safe to use, but don’t use it for too long. If you keep the torch on for a long time and keep using it, your food might taste like butane.

Final Words

Blowtorches are essential in your kitchen, and it can help you a lot. If you want the perfect sear and finish on your food, then this is the way to go.

If you want the best torch for sous vide, then feel free to get any of the products mentioned in this review. These are the best ones available in the market and will give you a fantastic experience.

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