Reasons Why You Need A Stand Mixer

Reasons Why You Need A Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is practically a chef’s best friend in the kitchen as cooking becomes much simpler with the help of this one powerful tool.

This thing not only helps you prepare all the necessary ingredients with just a push of a button but also helps you prepare meals in minutes.

The device is also helpful when you have your hands full with other things in the kitchen since it evenly distributes all the ingredients added to the bowl.

This article will tell you the reasons why you need a stand mixer to easily improve your performance in the kitchen.

Reasons Why You Need a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer can help you significantly improve your baking and cooking abilities while saving you a lot more time than you would expect.

A Stand Mixer

However, considering the price and size of the machine, it’s best to weight your options before investing in a stand mixer.


If you have been cooking more frequently or professionally, it’s best to buy a stand mixer. For it can help you save hours at a time while your hands are busy in the kitchen.

A stand mixer is a rather large machine that takes up a dedicated spot in your counter since it often can’t be fitted inside the cupboard.

With such an essential kitchen tool, you can make just about any recipe once you have the right attachments, which includes everything from cookies to pizza or even mashed potatoes.


With an extremely powerful 350-watt motor, you can beat away any tough ingredients with its dedicated speed levers.

And with the tilt-head function, you can get complete control over your mixing needs, and it conveniently gives your batter the exact consistency you require.

You can also choose the type of bowl that comes with the mixer, which will make things easier for you.

Attachments Can Help

You can also buy other beater adjustments to make your folding technique more effective, especially when you’re mixing dry ingredients with a low mixing motion.

There are also adjustments that you can buy, which can help you with making beautiful home-made pasta, shredding, dicing vegetables, and even mince and grind meats.

Easily one of the best options for stand mixer currently in the market is the KitchenAid stand mixer.


A stand mixer is the most efficient and reliable machine in your kitchen, and it can be used for almost anything you can cook up.

While your hands are busy cooking something else at the other end of the kitchen, you can depend on your stand mixer to get the job done without supervision.

It saves you a lot of energy on your arms that you would be otherwise spending beating away for several minutes. Also, it doesn’t require you to constantly stand up and supervise the mixing of the ingredients.

Helps in Cooking/Baking

If you’re more used to baking than cooking, you might get a lot of benefits from investing in a stand mixer.

Because of its preset mixing motions, beating and mixing ingredients that need to be prepared at a certain pace becomes a lot easier.

Why You Need A Stand Mixer

With certain attachments such as a whisk, dough hook, or even a paddle, the ingredients in a dough or batter can be evenly distributed.

It can even help you achieve stiff peaks in your egg whites while you’re working on another task on the other end of the kitchen. So, this machine can easily improve the quality of your baking.

Attachments and Beaters

In order to make the most out of your stand mixer, you will need to properly use the attachments given for their dedicated ingredients.

Depending on what you want to cook, you can use one of three beaters such as a flat beater, a dough hook, or even a whisk.

Flat Beater

You can just about mix anything using a flat beater; whether it’s sweet or savory, a flat beater can get it done. For cakes and cookie dough, or even shredded chicken and mashed potatoes are no huge feat for the flat beater.

Dough Hook

As the name suggests, the dough hook is shaped in a curl and helps evenly mix all the dry and wet ingredients in the dough.


Use your whisk attachment for beating eggs and achieve stiff peaks with your heavy cream. You can also whisk air into heavier ingredients to make them light and fluffy.

Stand Mixers vs. Hand Mixers

Stand mixers are usually much more expensive than a hand mixer. And even though some professionals swear by it, hand mixers aren’t always as reliable as stand mixers.

Stand Mixers vs. Hand Mixers

Whether you need a hand mixer or a stand mixer depends on your cooking needs and preferences. It’s best to know if your habits in the kitchen require you to invest in a stand mixer to save time and effort.

You should know the benefits of using both these appliances before buying either of them, especially if you can afford to choose either one.

What Would One Cost?

The price of a stand mixer usually depends on the horsepower you need. Now, the stand mixer is usually a rather powerful machine with a sturdy motor that can be adjusted based on the ingredients.

However, you should remember that this is a long-term investment and might cost you a pretty penny, depending on the quality of the mixer.

The high market price of the mixer is certainly justifiable when you consider the length of its abilities and uses.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you.

  • Make Sure You Know Which Add-On Attachments You Need Before Purchasing Them

That’s important as otherwise, you might end up using them a handful of times and let them collect dust in your cupboard.

  • Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your Mixer

As it’s often a lifetime investment, so keeping it cleaned and lubricated should be a necessary step in owning one.

  • Know the Purpose

Before you invest in a stand mixer, it’s best to know what exactly you will be making on a daily basis. So, you can look for that feature in particular in the machine you want to buy.

  • Do Research

Research and look up reviews of the machine and the add-ons online before you make your purchase.

Get Ready to Add an Extra Pair of Hands in the Kitchen with a Stand Mixer!

If you’re looking to upgrade your talents in the kitchen without wasting countless hours, then the stand mixer is exactly the machine you’re looking for!

Whether you’re baking for your friends and family or just cooking yourself a comfort meal at the end of the day, a stand mixer can easily help you whip almost about anything in a matter of minutes. Learn what types of recipes you can effortlessly cook up by branching out your skills with your own personal stand mixer! Also, add more reasons why you need a stand mixer in the comments.

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